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How to record Whatsapp Calls on Android and iPhone

Record Whatsapp Calls - How to on Android and iPhone iOS

There are many features in the Whatsapp to keep connected with our friends. The calling feature also a big change in the app history. Many people are using the call option to reduce their mobile bills. It’s very easy to use and even you can call to other country people too. Whatever it is, there is no option to record whatsapp calls. Don’t worry, there are so many apps available to do it without any problem. Just follow our simple step by step guide to complete your need. You can now record in iPhone and Android too. Here is a guide that clarifies your question, how to record whatsapp calls on Android and iPhone.

Record Whatsapp Calls - How to on Android and iPhone iOS

How to record Whatsapp Calls on iPhone

Things you have needed:

  1. iPhone with any iOS.
  2. Must be jailbreak.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Cydia in your Jailbroken iPhone. And you need to find the Watusi. Activate it. It could be under BigBoss repo, the largest cydia source.
  2. It costs you $1.99. If you want it for free, then search on a google with “How to download paid apps for free in Cydia”.
  3. After the installation, Open the Whatsapp.
  4. Then tap the “Settings”.
  5. Then tap on the “Watusi Preferences”.
  6. There you can find the option of “Record Calls”.
  7. Now enable the option.
  8. That’s all. Your calls will be recorded. Just make a call. Then tap on the recent tab. There you can find your recorded calls in the recordings tab.

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How to record Whatsapp calls on Android

In Android this feature is done simply by installing an app from the Google Play store for free. You don’t need a root access for this app. Just follow the simple steps here.

  1. Download the “Real Call Recorder” from the Google Play Store – here.
  2. Complete the installation.
  3. Now open the app from your mobile’s menu.
  4. After that, tap on the Whatsapp icon and enable the option.
  5. Now close the “Real call recorder” app.
  6. Then Open the app and make a call.
  7. And it will be recorded automatically.
  8. If you want to hear what you have recorded, then open the “Real Call Recorder” app and tap the “Recording List”.
  9. There you can find the recorded files. You can share the file also by tapping the share icon.

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That’s all you have found a working tips for your mobile. But, keep in mind that, anyone can see the recorded file. Keep it secret. We hope this guide should be useful for you. If you had a problem, then share it in the comments section. So that, we will help you to solve it. Now you have successfully learned How to record whatsapp calls on Android and iPhone.

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