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Record Slow Motion video on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [How to]

Galaxy Note 7 - record slow motion video

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mobile is capable to record the video in Slow Motion. You can see the slow motion videos which are similar to iPhone slow motion camera videos. Previously the slow motion video option was released for iPhone users. And now, this is available for the Galaxy Note 7 users too. You can easily capture the live moments via your camera and see it as a slowly moving video.

Do you know how the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is able to record the video in slow motion? The answer is, it is having the capacity to record the videos up to 240 frames / second. So, it is rendered in a slow moving video. And I don’t want to waste your time. Let’s get into the guide.

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Galaxy Note 7 - record slow motion video

How to Record Slow Motion Video in Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

  1. First, Open the camera app in your Galaxy Note 7.
  2. You need to tap the option “Mode”. It will be placed at the bottom left.
  3. Now select the “Slow Motion” mode in the list.
  4. Now you can easily record the video in slow motion. Just do it as a normal recording video.

Actually, the phone is not yet released. So, we don’t have the sample video. Hence, the sample video was released by the Samsung which is taken from the Galaxy Note 7. Here is the video:-

Slow Motion video recorded with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

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Hope, this guide helped you. And stay updated with us to get the latest news, tips and tricks about your Android mobile. And share your thoughts in the comments section. So, we and our users will be able to get some more knowledge with it. And share this Record Slow Motion video on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [How to] article with your social media.

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