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4 Phone Apps to Control your LED Lighting

Led lighting has taken off massively over the past few years and it’s expected to continue to grow. However, the most crucial part of LED lights these days is whether they’re all apps-connected and you can take control of your house’s lighting on your phone or tablet. This new dimension of strip lights you can pick up today from companies such as Light Rabbit are nothing less than a revolution in the lighting sector. Whether it’s a lamp, outdoor lighting or interior lighting around the house, the simplicity of being able to control your lights individually or grouped, is extremely important. We’ve put together a list of some of the phone apps you can use to control your LED lighting, for your IOS or Android phone.

Apps to control LED lightings in your home

4 Apps to Control LED lights in your home


In terms of the number of systems LightwaveRF have installed, they are the UK’s number one designer and manufacturer of cutting edge smart home devices and use these devices to help homeowners control the lighting in their homes from their phones and tablets. Smartphones can use the app as a remote control for their lighting (as well as their power, heating and sensors) as dimmers, mood lighting control and pre-set lighting combinations. There is a timer that can be set, which allows the lights to automatically turn on or off at dawn and dusk every day and automatically adjusts lighting levels with the seasons. As well as this, the app can control the LED lighting so it simulates the sunrise in the morning users to wake up naturally rather than abruptly as an alarm or maximum brightness would cause. In addition to this, if there is a group of lighting fixtures together, the app can control the scene lighting, allowing group control – turning on and off or dimming can all be done collectively. The app can also allow you to set lights or lamps to come on automatically when you are away during the evening or on holiday to act as a theft deterrent.

Phillips Hue

One of the more eccentric options for LED lighting is the Phillips Hue set. These LED lights fit straight into regular light sockets, but allow you to control them wirelessly through your phone or tablet. The accompanying app that is used to control the Phillips Hue lights allows you to not only dim and change the brightness of the bulb, but you can also customize their colors. The app lets you change the colours of individual or groups of bulbs and if you have a group of them, you can even tell them to match various colours of a photograph to set a scene. Phillips Phillips Hue lights are some of the most expensive LED lights on the market, but guarantee a huge range of features to control LED lights.


Lightify uses LED lamps and light bulbs that you can customize to suit your mood as well as using them for relaxation or for work. These bulbs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. You can adapt Lightify bulbs and the app contains an infinite world of colours using an RGB colour circle. You can also pick certain colours from photos, create personal scenes and even allows you to pre-set your lighting scene for relaxation or an active mood.


Loxone allows you to control everything from your LED lighting to your heating and the Loxone app allows all of the electrical appliances to communicate with each other to meet the needs and demands of the homeowner. This allows homeowners to reduce the number of isolated devices and whether you’re at home or not you can activate any of the appliances that you want. This has the potential to save a lot of energy as well as convenience from being able to control your home from anywhere.

There are a huge number of LED lighting bulbs that have accompanying apps to control them. Choosing the best apps for your lighting allows you to customize the mood and ambience of any room in the house and even outdoors, to suit every occasion. LED lighting is the future of housing interior and exterior design so make sure to get ahead of the curve.

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