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How To Optimize Your Android Phone for Gaming

Android Gaming Optimization

Having good hardware is a good starting point, but did you know you can tweak your Android phone’s settings to boost its performance for gaming? Below, you will find concrete action steps on how to get the most of it.

1. Reduce anti-aliasing

Have you ever come across these jagged-looking corners in video gaming? To smoothen out their graphical appearance, there’s something called multi sample anti-aliasing that does exactly that, albeit at the cost of performance. If your phone is a bit dated, perhaps you may want to consider sacrificing the quality of the graphics to reduce these dropped frames and slowdowns, not to mention conserve the battery life.

You will find the setting in here:

Settings – About phone – Build number (tap seven times)

Now, your phone will recognize you as a developer. Go to:

Settings – System – Developer options – Force 4x MSAA and disable it.

2. Kill unnecessary background processes

Just like your computer, the more processes you’re running in the background, the slower your Android device becomes. If you have a habit of running a lot of apps on your phone that you don’t even use that often, it might be time to trim the fat. You can also place a hard limit on how many processes are allowed to run in the background.

To do so, head on over to:

Settings – About phone – Build number (tap seven times)

This is to enable developer mode that’s necessary for the setting. Then, go to:

Settings – System – Developer options – Apps – Background process limit

The rest is self-explanatory.

3. Tweak the screen refresh rate

Your phone’s refresh rate plays an instrumental role in how smoothly the games and animations are going to play out. As it turns out, increasing it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to squeeze out the best in terms of performance, and the best part is that it doesn’t even require root access permissions. Keep in mind that your phone may not necessarily support this tweak. But in case it does, try this:

Settings – Display – Advanced – Refresh rate

Set it to the maximum amount.

4. Upgrade your internet connection

If you’re an avid online games player, you should consider upgrading to a better internet connection if you haven’t already. Since the game you’re playing constantly needs to exchange data with the server, ensuring the data can reach its intended destination as quickly as possible will improve your game’s performance by reducing lag.

A 5G data connection is preferable, but it may not even be needed if your home’s WiFi is fast enough as is. If you’re unsure where you stand, there’s an easy way to test your ping. The lower the number, the better.

5G is the ultimate take-with-you online gaming experience. Source: Pexels

Now test out your tweaked Android phone

Finally, you can test whether the tweaks you’ve applied have made a difference to your phone’s gaming performance. Real money online pokies are a good way to do that, since most of them don’t require you to download an extra app, all while featuring fast animation transitions and quickly spinning graphics. This should be more than enough to determine whether you’re moving in the right direction with the tweaks or not. Alternatively, you can always fire up a more graphically-intense AAA title, but that will likely take a bit more time to download.


Although there are other things you can do to tweak your smartphone’s gaming performance, the ones we’ve mentioned at are a good start. Now pull up those sleeves and get to work applying them!

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