YouTube direct, new (confused) option for video streaming

YouTube changes its policy to broadcast video live streaming, but confusion still reigns supreme among users

youtube red direct logo images

The YouTube Direct will be available for all or will be only just for the chosen few? That’s the question we are trying to answer the many fans of video platform in the last hours has issued new orders for programming streamed video material.

Although the direct currently depopulated on various social media – from Facebook to Instagram – YouTube has always moved with the hand-brake on, leaving open the function only to so-called certified profiles — users who had a figure of followers exceeding 10,000 followers.

In later phases the release, many fans of YouTube have discovered that it was possible to transmit live, even with a figure of less than 10,000 followers demanded. The limit was subsequently lowered the 90% by Big G(Google), giving an opportunity to all those with at least a thousand followers to create direct.

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Following this discovery, it seemed that even this limit has been removed from YouTube, to such an extent, he pioneered streaming to all users. In reality, things are not quite so.

If you look at the organizational chart of the portal you discover that the limit is still present. Only a small circle of users will have a chance to test the direct free for all. YouTube will go to study the dynamics of this group to discover the behavior of members and to make improvements.

All those who await the streaming on YouTube will still need to be patient. It shouldn’t take a long time.