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Whatsapp – How to Add free Emoji Emoticons

add Emoji Emoticon on whatsapp with keyboard

Who has never inserted an emoticon on WhatsApp? We do it every day to express our state or bring a smile the person to whom we are talking. What if we told you that you could add your own list of emoticons equipped much of what you have “series” on your smartphone? You can download applications with many new Smilies and keyboards in App Store and Google Play and it’s very easy to use. Most of these are free and so it would be a shame not to take advantage. Let’s see then how to add emoticons WhatsApp.

add Emoji Emoticon on whatsapp with keyboard

How to add Emoji emoticons in WhatsApp on Android and iOS:

Emoji Keyboard Pro

The Play Store is one of the most popular applications for custom keyboards. Emoji Keyboard offers, besides the classic emoticons we use every day, the compositions to form pictures and sentences, also animated GIF, text emoticons and various symbols. After installing the app, hold your finger on the space bar and select “EmojiKeyboard Pro”, then on “Download” and finally press the arrow icon to install your preferred language dictionary. It will open a world of emoticons!

Download the Emoji Keyboard Pro for Android – here

How to Install and Use Emoji Emoticons on Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 Edge


If you find that the standard emoji input method on iOS is very annoying, then why not think about download Emoji++? This alternative keyboard application for iPhone (€ 0.99) allows you to have all the Smilies present in iOS just a click away: insertion is super fast both in WhatsApp chat and in another application that requires the use of the keyboard. How to turn this keyboard? Install the application on the App Store, go to iOS Settings, click General> Keyboard> Keyboard menu and then click on Add new keyboard. Simply then select Emoji++ from the list of keyboards that appears the second in the keyboard settings iOS: then move the lever to ON, ie lever option Allow full access. Now you can open the WhatsApp chat and press icon of the globe to choose which send emoji!

Download the Emoji++ for Apple iOS – here

Status for WhatsApp in English

Hope you finally you have learned how to add Emoji Emoticons on Android and iOS.

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