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What Song Is This? 9 apps to find song or music name [How to]

Identify song without knowing title

What song is this? Playing around you will easily identify with this tutorial. Several years ago, knowing a title of an anonymous song heard on the radio or TV was very tough. You could just try to sing it to a friend and hoped that these would recognize, even if most of the time was wrong. But, now there are many innovative things came to find the song or artist which is playing in TV and MP3 Player or any other audio players. Yes, here is your “What song is this Playing” guide. Now you can easily identify the song by audio recognition apps on your Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone, iPad (iOS). Before those smartphone apps, you need to Google it with the lyric that you know. Now it’s easy to get it.

By using audio recognition apps you can also find the music files that don’t have a lyrics. Today I recommend the best applications on the market to find a song without knowing the title. These services for mobile phones based on the identification of the music tracks. These applications capture the sound and look for the song in a tank of pieces analyzing the acoustic fingerprint of the song. When the spectrogram corresponds you have the perfect match. Software are incredible with a few seconds of “listening”, I am able to recognize the spectrum of a song and identify the title and artist of a song. Such are divided by platforms.

Many applications seek to identify the title and author of any song in English or other languages, quickly and accurately, but what works best? Here is 9 music recognition applications for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and it’s worth seeing what is the best online.

What Song is this? 9 apps to find the Unknown song or music name:

1. Shazam – How to identify

Identify song without knowing title - What song is this playing

It is the most popular app for recognizing songs from Android smartphones, from the iPhone, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Blackberry. With only a touch of Shazam screen you can find the titles of all the most popular songs as well as those of lesser-known tracks. Shazam takes a few seconds of listening to pull off the title, author and album, with a link to Amazon to purchase and a link to the YouTube video. It also connects with Facebook and Google+ and allows you to share them with friends and memorize all the titles found.

If the source volume is low or disturbed, you cannot find the titles of less popular music with all the correct details. If you use an iPhone, you know that Shazam is also included in Siri. This means you can pick up the phone, call the personal assistant from Apple (by holding down the Home button for a few seconds) and ask Siri “What song is this?” And then bring the smartphone to the sound source.

Download – Google Play StoreApp StoreWindows Phone

2. SoundHound

Soundhound app to find song by lyrics - What song is thisSoundHound is the other famous free application to recognize the song titles on smartphones and Android phones. The song is recognized immediately with SoundHound and you can immediately see information such as the name of the album, the cover, the release date, the lyrics, and the video from YouTube. Soundhound is the best app that can recognize unpopular songs in just a few seconds, even in noisy environments or if the music sounds at low volume. This also helps you for “What song is this“.

SoundHound is the only one able to recognize with the voice humming the songs. Humming a song or put the phone close to the speaker on radio, stereo or TV. After a few seconds find out who sings the piece and its title. The detection rate is very high, even higher than Shazam. It recognizes well in other language songs, but performs better with music in English. SoundHound also have charts of the most popular tags, the history of searches and the ability to watch a video on YouTube of the song found.

Download – Google Play StoreApp StoreWindows Phone

3. MusiXMatch

It is an excellent application not only to recognize the titles of the songs that you hear on the radio, on TV or on the premises, but also presents the key you can read in Karaoke mode, ideal for singing. This is another best app for “What song is this Playing“.

MusiXmatch is a free application for iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows Phone. What is the added value of this application? That adds a huge catalog of texts and allows you to sing.

Download – Google Play StoreApp StoreWindows Phone

4. Google Sound Search

It is only an application for Android that works as a widget to be added to the screen to quickly recognize what song is currently playing. The application works fine, light and you have to power. But when compared with SounHound, there is no doubt that Google Sound Search is just a basic app. The Google Sound search app is best and easiest one for “What Song is this“.

Download – Google Play Store

5. Mobion Music

It is an application for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android that works as a media player music, as the songs recognizer, as a player in text mode and karaoke and many other functions. Best alternative for the apps about “What song is this“.

Unfortunately, it calls for the registration to the service with an account. As recognition service works well.

6. Midomi

Find a song that you do not know the title of the computer is really a breeze with Midomi, an extraordinary Internet site access (SoundHound) that allows you to find out the title of a song by simply humming or whistling a piece using the PC microphone. It runs on all major browsers and operating systems, and to use it, no need to install programs on your PC.

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Midomi to try, you just have to connect it to its home page and click on the first button Click and Sing or Hum (located top center) and then click Allow to authorize the site (and a Flash player) to use the microphone to your PC. Now, humming or whistling a piece of the song you want to find out the title for about 10-20 seconds, and click “Click to stop” to stop recording and start the track search. It is mostly used online for “What song is this

The research carried out by Midomi are very accurate, so in just a few seconds you’ll see a page with the title of the song you whistled / hummed or a group of three to four songs that could correspond to the latter. Then click the play button located next to the cover of the song and find out if you really found the song you are looking for listening to a brief preview.

Alternatively, if you are not good to whistle and you need to recognize the music played nearby on your computer, you can also try the desktop version of Shazam is available for both Windows 8.x for Mac. It is very simple to use, just like the app for smartphones.

Try it here – Midomi

7. Audiggle

While listening to a song, simply click on the Audiggle search button or use the shortcut Ctrl + ALT + A. The recognition phase may take a bit of time, but accuracy is high. The only exception is considered “live” of some songs, not always recognized during our tests. The best software for PC for “What song is this Playing”.

Download it for Windows PC computer – Audiggle

8. LyricRat

You simply write the words of the chorus or a part of the song and LyricRat will identify for you the song that contains the part of the text, together with the appropriate interpreter. If the text gives rise to more results, LyricRat show for you the possible alternatives. It might be suit you for “What Song is This?”.

Try it here – LyricRat

9. Tunatic

Approaching the PC microphone to the audio source that emits the unknown song to put into the program action. Tunatic will connect to a database via the web and in a few seconds provide the name of the singer and the song title you heard. The success rate is high enough and superior to Audiggle. The another software for “What Song is this”.

Download it for PC – Tunatic

And there is another site called (What’s that Song). You can upload the audio file in the site and you will get the suggestions from other users. To find a song today, just a few seconds of music, rhythm or chorus. There are no limits of genre or type. The apps on this list treat songs as tag and are able to understand if you’re listening to a pop song or a classical concert.





All applications have a well-organized catalog that allows you to identify the sounds in a very fast until you find what you are looking for. We faith that, by using any one the above applications (mobile, web apps and software), you could find the What song is this?.

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