How to use USB Flash Pen Drive as a RAM

Some times you think your computer is working slowly. This happenes due to insufficient RAM or many programs are running in background. You can now use your USB flash pen drive into RAM. Here is a guide for how to use your pen drive as a RAM:

How to use USB flash pen drive as a RAM in PC or Laptop:

  • First you need to download eBoostr. eBoostr is a computer software, it is used for to transform your usb flash pen drive into RAM in PC or Laptop. This eBoostr application is a trial version. It only works for 5 hours. After that it will not work. Then just restart your computer then it will work again for 5 hours.
  • You can download the EBoostr here
  • After downloading the eBoostr install it and restart the computer.
  • Then connect your USB Flash pen drive. After that, open eBoostr and go Edit -> Add New Cache Device. And select your flash drive then click OK
  • Now eBoostr will store temporary cache in your USB pen drive.

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We successfully learnt how to use USB Flash pen drive to store temporary memory and make it as RAM. You can try high capacity USB pen drive also to use it as RAM.

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