How to Update Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i with Jelly Blast 4.1.1 ROM

samsung galaxy ace s5830i jelly bean blast rom photos

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i is now available from Android Developers. The Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Ace 5830i from is named as Jelly Blast (jellyblast). You can upgrade your phone to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Operating System by installing this custom ROM. After installing the rom you can find your phone has upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version in About phone option under settings menu.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i is normally comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread as an Operating System. There is no official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade from Samsung mobile Support. Because the phone’s hardware configuration is not supported for the upgrade. The Phone is comes with 832 MHz processor, 5 Mega pixel camera, 3.5 inch capacitive touch Screen. Galaxy Ace s5830i is capable to run Jelly Blast custom ROM Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on your phone.

samsung galaxy ace s5830i jelly bean blast rom photos


  • We are not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this ROM. If any problem happens that related to installing, we will help you to solve it.
  • Use this guide at your own risk. We shall not have any liability or responsibility for whatever happens to you and your device by using the instructions in this guide.
  • The instructions provided in this tutorial for educational purpose only. There is no guarantee that these steps will work for your device.
  • The steps given in this tutorial is only to use with Samsung Galaxy Ace and the model number S5830i. Applying this guide to any other device or any other model may produce many problems.
  • Read and Understand the whole tutorial first, before going to perform the steps.

Pre Requirements:

  • SMS – How to Backup Messages
  • Contacts – Sync with Gmail App
  • Videos, Images, Songs and Other Files – Copy to internal / External SD card or System
  • APN Settings – Take Manual Note from “Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Then maintain minimum 60% charge in your phone’s battery. This will help you to don’t get switched of your phone.
  • And disable any antivirus and firewalls too.

How to install Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Jelly Blast ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i:

  • Download the ROM – 133.04 MB – Here
  • Transfer the downloaded file to your SD card by USB cable.
  • Switch off your phone and reboot into recovery mode.
  • To open recovery mode, press HOME + POWER + VOLUME UP button together.
  • Then you will move on to custom Recovery.
  • Then select the option, “Install zip from SD card”
  • After that select “Choose zip from SD card”
  • Now choose the downloaded file.
  • And confirm the selection in next page.
  • Wait for the process finish.
  • In few minutes your phone will says completed message in recovery screen.
  • Then select “reboot system now” option to reboot your phone.
  • Note: First boot takes some long time. It will install the updates on first time.

You can get all the news and guides about Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i – here

Do share in comment section in case you face any errors or met any problems in firmware update process. In future, we will update installing Custom ROM’s on your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. So, stay updated. Now you have successfully learned how to install jelly blast android 4.1 Jelly Bean custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i.

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  • berk

    this supports turkish language



  • Raj


    after update my headphone is not detecting. i cant play music using head phone and also cant listen FM.

  • kundan

    plz help me with quick reply…….
    my head phone is not working

    • Rehan Khan

      download Soundabout from play store it will work.

      • Romake

        For me you need to select “Wired Headphones” on SoundAbout manualy. Can my phone make that auto.. ? Thank you anyway :). P.S. sorry for my bad english

      • ovin

        hea friend any solutin to solve sim problem . even i inserted the sim it show emergency calls only

  • I faced the same problem plis help my headphone is not working anymore,,,,,

    • Rehan Khan

      download soundabout app from Google play it will work

  • makki

    my phone not turn on ….

    • abhishek

      me too having same problems …
      what i have to do any idea

  • Vitaliy

    Hi, I have successfully followed all the steps. How long is the first boot supposed to be?
    It is stuck for an hour in the boot screen now.

    • Rehan Khan

      yes it will take tym to start ur phone .

  • If you are stuck at boot you need to flash your phone with odin then you need to go to recovery mod and then install zip from sd card and chose ClockWorkMod and then you go to wipe data/factory reset after that is finished go to advanced and go to wipe dalvik cache and then you install this rom!!!!!!!!!

    • I am not sure I understand. I have Odin, but with what do I flash the phone with?

      Appreciate your help!

      • Zaeem

        You should have had made a backup of stock ROM before proceeding. Odin uses that backup to flash the stock ROM.

    • Cao druze, meni zanima, upravo sam odradio sve korake koji su navadeni gore i restartovao sam telefon i pola sata mi se vrti galaxy S logo, ne znam jos koliko bi trebalo da cekam da se telefon upali. Pozdrav

  • TOm

    Its cool ..but my headset is not working.. Is my installation wrong??..please answer..

  • Gregorio Diaz-Descalzo

    Head phone not working here either… Please, if you find a solution post it!

    • Rehan Khan

      download soundabout app from Google play store it will work

  • Roko_Za

    I downloaded the soundabout app. It allows you to create a widget that enables you to turn headphones on and off. Not ideal, but the best solution I got.

  • this install has takem me 2 hours keeps installing whats wrong

    • benson

      mine too ….what did u do to it now

    • Rehan Khan

      nating hppnd. . it will take tym to trn on ur phn. do 1thn remove the battery and go to recovery mode and clear wipe data and caches then reboot your phone

      • biswajit borphukan

        dear rehan khan..
        please help me out… i rooted my galaxy gt s 5830i.. but my application are still installed on my internal memory not in sd can in installed my apps on sd card… please help..

      • ajievkumar

        hi frnd i lost my imei number and headphones are not working tooo.
        frnd do you know how to solved the problem?
        plz help me………………

  • When I Click the Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery option in the rom manager. It will say Unsupported Device. Any suggestions where i can get ROM.

  • Nitiyash Jirawala

    what do i do if my phone is saying installation aborted when i install the zip file in recovery mode

  • Diego Deras Chavez

    it works with S5830m?

  • Sijo James

    plz help me with quick reply…….
    my head phone is not working

    • Sijo James

      plz help me with quick reply…….
      my head phone is not working

  • pete

    the download is great however its wiped my imei number and wont register to any network what do i do????? please 🙂

  • pete

    i pressed *#06# imei blank.everything else is great just cant ring or accept calls

    • bharat

      re install jelly blast and this time wipe catch 2 times and delet users data 1 time it will work

      • akhil lakhmani

        still not able to receive or make calls.. any other suggestions???

  • deepanker

    for all who stuck in this process use this-after restating your phone

    holdvol up+power+home then recovery mode will open then clear patisian and then wipe data and restore after doing this my phone will start succcesfully and i got android 4.1

  • tushark

    please do not install this beacause they are only three files.for fully secure update you need five files.this the reason headphones are not working and you lost your imei number

    • Rehan

      frnd i lost my imei number and headphones are not working tooo.
      frnd do you know how to solved the problem?
      plz help me .

  • sursha

    its not jelly bean rom (ginger bread jelly bean themed rom only)

  • Alex

    This tutorial is great, but the link to download the zip file is broken. When I click it, the MediaFire page says the file has been deleted… Please fix this so I can install the Jelly Blast ROM on my phone!

  • its normal that after updating to jellyblast., suddenly my phone restart and restart again and again after pressing reboot system now ?

  • Rehan

    i lost imie number and headphones are not working toooo
    plz plz help me

  • Rehan Khan

    after update my phone i lost imie and headphone are not working too plz help me out

    • shivam

      download SoundAbout app from the playstore ur headphones will start working

  • how long is it take to phone to turn on?

  • how much is long First boot??? half hour or one hour or???

    • Rehan Khan

      more then one hour

  • Michacker

    I installed the JellyBean OS on my S5830i. Phone is workig properly except bugs like headphones atc… Is it possible to return back Gingerbread OS. If yes how… I have backup my gingerbread system.

    • Rehan Khan

      yes its possible via odin mode

      • abhishek

        how it posseble

    • shivam

      headphones will start working if you download the application SOUNDABOUT from the playstore

    • ovin

      how we can return

  • shreyas hawke

    my sim functions are not wrking..cant call or comes as “emergency calls only” even if the sim is there any solution for that??

    • Subin C Poonamgode

      ur imei number is lost…. mine also..!! what to do ..donnow 🙁

    • ovin

      me to …… my name is ovin / my phone also un support sim card after upgrading / is there any solution

    • ovin

      me toooooo . my phone also has the same problem


    Is this rom compatible with galaxy ace s5830 (not s5830i)

  • nithin

    Download the ROM – 133.04 MB – Here its not there

  • andrew

    the settings of my cam.are to big,,,it cant fit my screen resolution..and the head set dont work..plz help

  • camera or bluetooth is working or not???

  • bharat

    whooooo hoooooo all is working well also my headphons are working

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  • ahmar siddiqui

    the link is dead…please update it…
    many thanks in advance

  • Hey. Great work. Mine worked great. Just the usual stuff but that aboutsound app. Works only other thing is when you receive calls it goes through the music speaker. But still it very nice

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    network problem when update jallyblast wht to do ?

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  • akhil lakhmani

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    File is no longer available on media fire… Send me link please

  • pratyush97

    At least Mention the source!

    You didn’t creates these!
    So Respect the Devs
    Mention source (Link to XDA)

  • Vinod Arora

    after installation and re installation as advised on my Galaxy ace S5830i, I am no able to make or receive calls, no sim card is accepted by any network, although on automatic selection of network operator, message comes that sim is registered and my internet plan is working. Please somebody suggest the solution.

    • Kapil Bishla

      Go samsung center n tell problem they definetlly olve it with version 2.3.6 older

  • Hello, Ninja Romeo,
    While doing the above steps my phone was stuck in the booting mode for three hours.. i got panicked and removed the battery… after putting the battery and switching it on the phone went to the jelly blast version . So, for all those who are stuck in the booting you can also try this…

  • Hi, I did everything us U mentioned and now after I reboot system my phone is flashing with “S” and nothing else happend.Please help as soon as possible

  • theguy


  • lakshya

    i am not able to make a call…..
    my dialler is not working please help….

  • aakash

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    Please add a note in the begining that it would take couple of hours to complete …

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    installed the rom but its picking networks on specific network operators, wats the problem there smone plz help

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    I have followed all the steps correctly. Installed the ROM, but after restart boot screen keeps on repeating.. what do i do now? It has been so long. Did i soft brick my phone? Please help..

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    How to install clockworkmod recovery? Its officially not supported for GT-S5830i.

  • ajievkumar

    plz help me with quick rply……… galaxy ace s5830i change to the 4.1.1 so my IMEI unknow

    • Sajeev Krishnan

      Can you check the IMEI number. If it is missing install modulos201211201515-modules.zi… package via recovery mode and fix this

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    Download link has down. upload it again please.

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    after install jelly blast in my

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    Is there to install back ?
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  • lalit

    after updating to jelly blast my cell does not detect any sim card
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    • AaronHumphreysUK

      I’m having same problem but everything else seems to be working fine after installing different kernels and shit just google play services needs sorting now

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  • Krishnanunni

    I made the above upgrade to jellyblast and found the device working highly satisfactory minus the device did not detect the mobile service provider at all, even though the sim was in its place all the time. Thank god. I already backed up my device using clockwork recovery mode and hence was able to revert my system back to gingerbread. Is there any similar case reported before? and what is the solution?