How to Update LG Optimus L3 E400 with ICS Official CM9 ROM

ICS ROM for LG L3 E400 is now available from CyanogenMod officially to install on your phone. You can update your LG Optimus L3 E400 to Ice Cream Sandwich android 4.0. The LG l3 E400 is the one of the good android phone compared with other phones in its price range. It comes with 800 MHz Processor and 350MB RAM and 1 GB of Internal Memory. The Phone is comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. And also have LG UI 2.0. Some mobiles only gets an official ROM from CyanogenMod9 from Cyanogenmod developers. The official ROM of CM9 is now available to upgrade lg l3 to Android 4.0 ICS. Here is a guide to update LG L3 E400 to Android 4.0 ICS CM9 Official ROM.

LG Optimus L3 E400 ICS Ice Cream Sandwich CM9 ROM Photos
Disclaimer : We are not Responsible for any damages that may happened due to this ROM. We are not an Android Developer of this ROM. If any problem happened that related to Installing the ROM, we will help you to solve it.

Pre Requisites to Update ICS official CM9 ROM on LG L3 E400:

  • We recommend you to take a backup of your all data. Because after installing the ROM your previous data will be lost.
  • SMS – How to Backup Messages
  • Contacts – Sync with Gmail App
  • Videos, Images, Songs and Other Files – Copy to internal / External SD card or System
  • APN Settings – Take Manual Note from “Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • And have minimum 60% charge in your mobile battery. This will help your phone to don’t get switched off.

How to Install ICS on LG Optimus L3 E400:

  • First your phone must be rooted. Check this – How to Root LG Optimus L3 E400
  • And You need to install ClockWorkMod Recovery – How to install ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery on Lg Optimus L3
  • Download the Official ICS CM9 ROM – Here
  • Connect your phone with PC using USB Cable.
  • Transfer the downloaded file to your SD card.
  • Then you need to restart your phone in Recovery mode. Switch off the phone and restart in Recovery mode by pressing, Power Button + Volume Down + Menu button together.
  • Then you will move on to ClockworkMod Recovery page. You can navigate using Volume buttons and select an option by pressing Menu or Home button.
  • Now select Wipe option and make Wipe data. And also do Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  • Then select “Install Zip from SD Card” and select “Choose zip from SD card”.
  • And browse and select the downloaded file in SD Card.
  • In a few seconds the ICS official CM9 ROM will be installed on your LG Optimus L3 E400.
  • Then select “Go Back” and then select “Reboot System Now”.

You can get all the news and guides about LG Optimus L3 E400Here

Now you have successfully learnt how to install ICS Official CM9 ROM on LG Optimus L3 E400.

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  • Rafaeljesusmoreira

    how to overclock lg l3 e400f

    • Borisb131286

      Please don’t do that.Or else your model will be terminated destroyed forever.

    • Blagojevic Boris

      I have heard that is recently developers for this model have prepare an overclock kernel wich can help us that we stable overclock this model up to the 1.00GHz.And nobody have any problems later.I hope that will Ninja Romeo site will help me with geting this overclock kernel to accelerate CPU of this model to the 1.00GHz.And to set up the minimum frequensy 122MHz and maksimum frequency 1.00GHz.And to provide instructions for this procedure.

      • Blagojevic Boris

        And also Ninja Romeo just to inform you that is ICS MIUI Android 4.0.4 ROM based on Cyanogen Mod 9 is avalabile for instalation for this model on modaco forum.

  • Rafaeljesusmoreira

    ics is for the models of Brazil?

    • Panneer Selvan

      It is a custom rom. You can install it worldwide

      • Borisb131286

        It is not a custom.It is an oficiall ROM not stock or custom.

        • Albert Zulueta

          why is that my phone look so blurry and have high contrast???can you help me to fix it….??

  • S Tation

    cuanto se tarda en iniciar el sistema

    • Borisb131286

      English US please.Speak

  • Musoliniadolf

    my phone is stuck in recovery mod..even when i try to reboot system it is going back to the clockwok mod menu. please help

  • Andrewborras

    me too.. i’m also stuck in the recovery mod. even when i try to reboot the system. how can I successfully update my phone? please help me. :(

    • Borisb131286

      Try with remowing your battery out for about 20 seconds and than take it back into your phone and again wait for a 20 seconds before you turn your phone on.And see than let me know is it work.

  • Rafaeljesusmoreira

    more is not no official updates. gigerbread 2.3 and has updates for the LG e400k

  • Ati Edy

    I installed faster, looks well, I have a problem when restart I must installed again, and I do not find any File manager or Google play. How can I install apk files without filemanager?

    • Naveen Yash

      send the apk file over bluetooth to ur cel n install

    • gaurang

      using terminal emulator

      • jason

        umm dickhead HOW

        • Shyam

          type in terminal emulator

          ~Android$ su

          Allow root access for TE

          ~Android# cd sdcard

          ~Android# ls ( Contents of SD card are listed ) I had copied astrofm.apk on root of SDCARD

          ~Android# pm install astrofm.apk

          Success !

  • cosmin

    It installed succesfully, but i cant reboot it, its stuck at the cyanogenmod robot animation. what to do pls help!!

    • Marckusrivera

      Mine too please help me, did you solve your problem???

  • Borisb131286

    Is this a final oficiall stable version of ICS for this model?Should I bother to install it?

  • miki86

    after instaling ics,u must wipe again all,and u must downloads gapps for cyanogenmod 9,and after instaling ics u must instal gapps

  • Ati Edy

    How can I activate USB mass storage? I don’t have acces, is colored in grey.

    • Borisb131286

      You can’t but you can use media option for transfering your files in and out your Android machine under this ROM.I did a two days ago sucsefully installed this ROM it is ok but I had to perform few performance modifications to speed it up but now is everything OK.

  • Borisb131286

    How stable is LG Optimus L3 E400 for instalation ICS Cyanogen Mod 9?I have heard that some of this models was terminated by rooting flashing and installing this ROM?I reall desperadetly need the answer to the December this year.Please people help me decide.

  • Joshua Paul Rumballe

    does anyone have a Telstra stock rom for this phone? I want to try using KDZ to flash the australia boost mobile rom but KDZ won’t see the phone. please any help would be greatly appreciated. or is there a zip that i can use clockwork to flash back?

  • Borisb131286

    Does your PC see the phone?Did you have installed LG USB driver.Did you in your PC BIOS setings enabled USB Legacy Support Joshua?

    • Joshua Paul Rumballe

      I did use the driver but it comes up in the device manager as a android ADB and comes up as a removable audio device… unsure why it is doing this…

      • Borisb131286

        Joshua I really dont know what to tell you about this because I even don’t know what is ADB even means I am not even beginer in root and flashing.I want to try all this but I am fear of the worst.My Desktop intel Pentium 4 is old it is bought in August.2004.BIOS is from the year 2003.CMOS battery is almost completely empty almost often my Windows goes in the blue screen of death imagine that happends in time while I am root and flashing this model from the stock into the this ROM and that because of interuptions this model failed to operate properly and here in Europe Balkan Central Serbia Sumadia Topola nobody doesn’t know and everybody fears of thouse procedures wich means nobody can’t help me I am all alone about this problem.Do you Joshua now understand my situation?

        • Joshua Paul Rumballe

          I had very little problems rooting and installing the rom listed here using the same instructions but I was going to try and get another rom that I found for use on the current network I am with…. this is now more of a toy to teach me more on modding phones and just learning. I would help you out if I was able to get some more days off of work…lol

          • Borisb131286

            Thank you

  • Alexis Aceves

    after the tutorial, is posible to change to spanish???

  • Emman

    Pls make a video. I really cant do it.

  • Borisb131286

    My machine is almost ready for this ROM.I have only left to do is CWM i ROM Manager and my machine is ready to go.

  • Chearithymail

    After i install CM9 it can download app on Google market or not ?

  • Chearithymail

    CM10 it can install on lg l3 or not?

    • Borisb131286

      There is no CM10 for LG Optimus L3 E400 for now.We will have to wait to see.

    • Borisb131286

      There is only CM9 for now.

    • Borisb131286

      Not for now maybe some day.

    • Borisb131286

      I hope so.It is posible that CM10 can be instaled on LG E400.

    • Ash-Rael

      Yeah, I wish that there will be CM10 for LG Optimus L3 as soon as possible. :(

  • VampeeRA

    I can’t send a file using bluetooth after i install ICS…
    sometimes it lags when opening some applications…like settings and contacts

  • Mauricio Ob Es

    I don’t have market or file manager……How can I install apk??

  • Monchweez

    “Installation Aborted” after choosing the ZIP file. I have downloaded the latest nightly cm9 for lg e400. where did i go wrong?

  • Will

    30sep12 Installed latest Nightly CM9 for my LG L3, nice! Working perfect for me, miss the FM Radio, that is the only “cons”. Congratz to all CM ppl!

  • Will

    Well, back to stock, CM9 Nightly is good but kinda laggy, imma wait for the “stable” versión. Btw its a nice work, the only one is the FM Radio missing. What about a CM7? Not available?

    • Borisb131286


  • nzo_

    Great mod. Works perfectly! Much better than the original gingerbread. I have even Chrome now (didn’t let me install it before).

    • AbdulRahman

      do you advice me to try it

      • Borisb131286


      • Borisb131286

        Yes definitely.

      • Borisb131286

        Yes I do definitely recomenend

    • Borisb131286

      Mine too.Is works OK now.But It had a horible problems.But It healed itself now.

  • Faiz Ahmed

    How long the first boot takes after installing the CM9?

    • Borisb131286

      As long as it takes.

    • Boris Blagojevic

      As long it takes just wait to boot completely.Until that don’t touch anything especialy not your battery power supply.

  • AbdulRahman

    it has not play store else
    it’s fantastic but it needs it

  • Aravind

    it is loading for long time to boot !! stilll loading… more than 10 min… :/

    • Borisb131286

      Can you see on it a robot while is booting?

  • david

    how do i instal apps on it after i install ICS on it ?

  • Martin Suleman

    hi i just flashed this nightly and it has a few irritating things like it hangs at times and i have to remove the battery for it to work again
    so i decided to revert to the custom rom
    but when i downloaded the official firmware and kdz updater i did all the necessary steps but it just showed phone not found
    please i realy need help on how to get back to the old rom or if possible post a link for the flasable zip firmware instead
    ps:i accidentally erased all contents on my sd card and lost the backup files
    any help would be much appreciated

    • Boris Blagojevic

      Try to reboot your Android into CWM Recovery Mode and try again everything.And let me know is it work.

  • Huhuh

    sd or internal?

  • vagos dj

    you don’t have to install a kernel?

    • Borisb131286

      What is going on?Please explain.

      • vagos dj

        To install cm9 on xperia x10 mini you need to install a kernel.In lg optimus l3 you don’t have to install a kernel?

  • Martin Suleman

    i managed to flash the stock rom back but i did an ota update and its now officialy stuck in cwm recovery.
    i realy need help rebooting it back

  • Ada321

    Hi nice days from Europe, from Prague – yesterday i made upgrade from my LG L3 E400 – working perfect – but ATENTION – i have not possibility working with androidmarket – i hahe not possibility new or old aplikation to my LG upgrade. PLS HELP ME – wo is problem in my boot –

  • Rick

    tHANKS for this useful post! I am using ICS now on my LG L3 e400!
    I am testing. Thank you very much

  • Christian Jacob SanPedro Nunga

    Sir, i have installed it and it works but my only problem is that its display is 120ppi and should be 125ppi and it runs on very high contrast. Any solutions? Thanks.

  • Christian Jacob SanPedro Nunga

    Sir, i have installed it and it works but my only problem is that its display is 120ppi and should be 125ppi and it runs on very high contrast. Any solutions? Thanks.

  • Dazedanconfius_ph

    Success! Thnx for this Info :)

  • Elijaabigailclar

    u really did the great work!!! .. but sr how can i install again the old android version of my lg optimus e400 which is the gingerbread 2.3.6 is it possible ? .. pls. help

  • Elijaabigailclar

    cn someone help me find Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread installer ? pls.. tnx

  • ruizren

    i have rooted my phone and installed the clockwork mod recovery, but when i will reboot to recovery it hangs on the LG screen. i really don’t understand it. Can anyone help me with this. plsss

    • Borisb131286

      Just remove your battery as long as it doesn’t swich into a CWM Recovery Mod.And try before you do install ICS CM 9 oficiall that you get a latest V10j update frimware over the OTA on your Android or over your LG PC Suite on your PC or MAC Computer machine what ever of thouse 3 you have.And see what is going on after that.

  • Rabkaedogawa

    wow ! , this is very success full…. Thanks for information…

  • Mustafa Sodawala

    Hey Does this ROM work for the dual sim model i.e E405??

    • Boris Blagojevic

      Don’t know.Maybe,maybe not.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    There is more things missed like PC Suite and Mass Storrage, Update Baseband from V10i to V10j and the latest.and if would be nice and noble from Cyanogen Mod Developers that they give an option flashing Stock ROM OS back on this model I have seen that there are new update for the Stock ROM for this model the size of 27 MB I have heard the rumors that update is a LG Stock Android 4.0.4 so after Orthodox Easter I will flash this my model LG E400 machine back to the Stock ROM so on that way I can findout is that update the size of 27 MB really is a LG Stock ROM Android 4.0.4 ICS and only when Cyanogen Mod release a Stable version of CM10 Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 I will maybe but just maybe again for the second time root and flash it back to the CM ROM OS.Google’s latest mobile operating system, Android 4.1 with the code name Jelly Bean has been introduced at the Google I/O and running for the first time on Google’s first Android Tablet Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus smartphone, this update provides a better user experience since it claimed to be the fastest and smoothest OS. With these offered improvements, as expected attract the curiosity a lot of people to immediately run this update on their devices, you must be wondering whether your device compatible with this update or not.

    There’s no official announcement about the minimum hardware requirements for running Jelly Bean update, but if your current device has been capable to run the ICS update properly, then it’s likely that your device is also compatible with Android 4.1, although it isn’t officially from your device manufacturer. Some low-end smartphone such as the Xperia X8 which only equipped with a 600 MHz Single Core processor and 168 MB of RAM are able to run CM10 custom ROM (based on Android 4.1), so if your device has better specs than that, you have a greater chance to get this update, additionally it depends on the existence of a developers who would develop the CyanogenMod 10 ROM for your smartphone or tablet devices.This is what I have findout about CM10 Jelly Bean ROM OS for this and any android model whether is a smartphone or Tablet PC.

  • YoYoMAN

    Does it take so much of time 1 hour or less than that?

    • YoYoMAN

      plz reply faster it is in Cw mode

  • YoYoMAN

    How to remove Cyangoen mod and get back to normal.
    i need to do it plz tell me. :(

    • jordan

      ht tp://ww w.hackmyandroid .com/how-to-unbrick-lg-optimus-l3-android-phone/1980 This helped in my case!

      • YoYoMAN

        Thanks but i went to lg support and got it back to normal.

    • Panneer Selvan
      • sisilprs

        that firmware is not there anymore (not found)

  • Kuda Brian Muzvanya

    How do u Install the Gapps?

  • NexY2405

    I need help! I did everything correct when installing cyanogenmod9 on lg l3 and when i choose reboot system now some blue robot xD keep staying on the screen, i let phone whole nighr and robot still staying? PLS WHAT TO DOOO PLEASE! :(((

  • NexY2405

    I need? help! I did everything correct when installing cyanogenmod9 on lg l3 and when i choose reboot system now some blue robot xD keep staying on the screen, i let phone whole nighr and robot still staying? PLS WHAT TO DOOO PLEASE! :(((

    • Guest

      Same with me!

    • YoYoMAN

      Dude remove your charger and switch it one.Dont connect the charger.remove charger it wll finish soon.

  • Guest

    there is no google play …..what should i do?

  • Jesus

    my cellphone stuck in the blue guy and dont do anything S: how can i solve this

    • disqus_xE51dIycBj

      and on my phone too
      how did you solve this

      • Henrique

        Just wait, if take too long reboot

        • Julleus Robles

          yeah me too .. does it takes an hour or two ? ive been waiting for almost half hour

  • Sämîr Thê Èrösenin

    The wifi goes bazaar sometimes and the mobile freezes….what should i do?

  • Fathoni

    Why cant i find PlayStore?

    • CescQuintero

      You need to install google apps.

  • Sriram Davuluri

    i had changed the rom ……now ma pone has a very high contrast plz help me…i shifted it back to ginger bread but same problem help me

  • xzert

    where i can download the playstore?

  • dingabonga

    installed successfully but the prob is its not restarting to cm 9..goes in to switch off charging screen again and again…some times restarts normally after so many cycles of removing battery ….if restarts with recovery reboot stays long with robot screen….it makes me pain…plz help……..

    • Blagojevic Boris

      You had installed completely wrong and old version of CM ( that is why you have that problem.Download always and only the latest version of CM 9.

  • Kristoffer Kaabay

    it works!!

    but how to install again gingerbread 2.3.6..

    thanks alot for sharing this!!

  • ROB

    hey please help me getting this..i do step by step as written.. but my phone keeps booting. a blue robot comes and it boots continuously … i have waited 20 mins bt it keeps booting….help.

  • Nikki Rose Flores

    i want to get my phone back to normal.. how can i do this? thanks for reply

  • Blagojevic Boris

    And also Ninja Romeo just to inform you that is ICS MIUI Android 4.0.4
    ROM based on Cyanogen Mod 9 is avalabile for instalation for this model
    on modaco forum.
    I have heard that is recently developers for this model have prepare an
    overclock kernel wich can help us that we stable overclock this model up
    to the 1.00GHz.And I heard that nobody have any problems later.I hope
    that will Ninja Romeo site will help me with geting this overclock
    kernel to accelerate CPU of this model to the 1.00GHz.And to set up the
    minimum frequency 122MHz and maksimum frequency 1.00GHz.And to provide
    instructions for this procedure.Ninja Romeo I really need your help
    about this procedure.Can you please very nicely help me with stable
    overclock LG Optimus L3 E400 from 800MHz-1.00GHz?One my friend already
    testing overclock kernel on Cyanogen Mod 9.

    • Boris Blagojevic

      And MIUI ROM OS is based on Android 4.04.And the only iritatning bug problem is that it doesn’t see at all movies on external SD Drive only see the music photos kerneel’s roms and gapps movies see only on internall SD Drive.But MIUI ROM is much beter faster fluider and much more secure than original Cyanogen Mod ROM and all MIUI ROM are based on original Cyanogen Mod ROM OS.1GHz Kernel is fully compatibile only with Cyanogen Mod and MIUI ROM OS but is not compatibile with STOCK ROM OS.Update is preparing every wendesday and publishing every friday for download and instalation and I use now on this model exactely MIUI ROM OS.This is the link where you can learn all about MIUI ROM OS and 1GHz kernel for this model download it and install it on this model.At 1GHz this model runs much better that on the original stock 800MHz.This my model is set to 122MHz – 1GHz is smartassV2 profile. ;)

  • disqus_pnGMHc1fhl

    Working fine but where is shop play?

  • Cherbz Alvarez

    please help me my phone is not opening after upgrading…

    • Purcea Codrut

      i had the same problem.
      Enter in recovery mod then click on advance then click on “emty calvik cache” or smth like that

  • Ferzalïna Alïas

    I installed CM9 on my LG L3. It worked so fine. Fast and smooth UI. Until I noticed some bugs or whatever you might call it.

    1. There’s no PLUS button in which I need to select contacts on “message”.

    The function in which you need to send group message, it’s not there. :((

    2. There’s no option to delete multiple contacts in “contacts”.

    3. Whenever I want to end the call, the phone sleeps. I need to press the unlock/power button to keep it awake.

    4. There’s no GOOGLE PLAY (at first!) You need to install or flash GAPPS. (please ninja romeo, include this on your tut.. thanks)

    5. After a week and my phone was not much loaded with apps. I just installed INSTAGRAM, FB MESSENGER, GROUPY (for group message purpose), TWEETCASTER and 2 games, BASKETBALL MANIA and PANDA RUN. There’s like a135 mb free storage space and 800 + mb internal storage BUT WHY DOES MY phone keeps on FREEZING? :( Please give me answer to this. I am loving CM9 but with this, it breaks my heart guys =(((

    6. Every time I need to boot or whenever I remove the battery coz it freezes a lot, I need to press Volume Down, the home button and the power button at the same time. Can we just press the power button and not get the battery icon blinking? :(((((( BOOOOOOOHOOOO!

    On the other hand what I like about this ICS CM9,
    1. voice search is accurate
    2. smooth UI
    3. The phone storage is pretty much accessible.
    4. Camera works so fine!

    Please if you do have answer to this post please email me at or message me on Facebook.
    Hoping for a better solution. Thank you!

  • User

    why when reboot i have to wait many ?????

  • Balaji

    after installing the cgmod its going back to recovery mood..suggest something please..

  • Christian

    oh yizz. i already installed it. theres so many lacking applications :(

  • Christian

    my CM9 now is stable. thankyou, but Ninja Romeo. you need to update your cm9 to be more stable..

  • Gorjan Atanasov

    I did everything you said, step by step but yet I have some serious problems. The screen is too dark, the contrast is awful and I can’t see anything but text. How can I fix it? Plus, I don’t have Google Play so I can’t install ROM again to re-install the ICM. Please help :(

  • Soli

    My phone will not turn on USB debugging please help me?

  • Soli

    Please help me … My phone will not root … Loading and write only “vaiting for device” and will not complete the process ..? Please help me

  • disqus_xE51dIycBj

    my cellphone stuck in the blue guy and dont do anything S: how can i solve this

  • disqus_xE51dIycBj

    my cellphone stuck in the blue guy and dont do anything S: how can i solve this please help me

  • Kamille

    It keeps staying with this blue robot? What to I do?

  • Avishek Mishra

    Hi! please help me getting this-

    I do step by step as written.. but my phone keeps booting. a blue robot comes and it boots continuously … i have waited 20 mins but it keeps booting…. please help me urgently…

    • ???????? ???????

      I didint know…. rebooting 20’…. Its a problem

  • Rudyard

    my lge 400 optimus l3 stucked in that blue robot.. i’ve been waiting for so long but still.. the same..

  • boe

    this is crap…

  • Gurkan Uygun

    how to come back rom lg optimus le e400

    • ???????? ???????

      U didnt return to Original rom…. because the ics rom is installed… to do return, need to find the official rom of L3

  • Aj Ashbrook

    is anyone having problems with transferring files from a windows xp to lg e400

  • Gurkan Uygun

    How Return Rom original Mobile

    • ???????? ???????

      It didnt return to original official LG Rom….

      • Melanie

        after finding the official LG rom, please tell me the process to get back to the old version!

  • CescQuintero

    Nice ROM, and CM guys are working on it and releasing updates every weekend

  • Hany Kesho

    it workeddddddddddddddddddddddddddd for meeeeeeeee

    • kysher

      is your phone is LG l3 E400?

  • otobil

    My LG-E400 cyanogen mode.
    How can i solve this?
    Please help…..

  • madez

    i have some problem whit the update the google play store is no working and i dont now where to find the sd card to instal my old apps like facebook and all the others

  • Ics_Lynx4.0

    what if my phone does not reboot ? when i click the rooting script it says rooting completed.

    • Ics_Lynx4.0

      now my phone boots… i used SuperOneClick v2. :))


    please please please someone give me the link for stock rom for l3

  • Kamal

    I update like that way but my 4n is nt work properly.(graphic error-lack of colours)
    what is the reason for that pls help me.

  • Fernando Marchant

    it works, but i’ve suffer a lot with the google play and the whatsapp :S

  • naatn

    MY phone stacked on blue guy with a text ”cynanogen(mod)” HELP!!!!!!

  • Tony Lai

    Two problems after installing CM9 ROM:

    1. Missing FM radio. How to get it back?

    2. When switching on, it puts me to the “battery charging” screen (I am not connected to a power source) with the screen completely white afterwards. It starts normally only after I go to CWM recovery and “wipe battery stat”. How can I permanently fix the problem?

  • Jitendra Bohra

    i have rooted my phone and installed the clockwork mod recovery, but when i will reboot to recovery it hangs on the LG screen. i really don’t understand it. Can anyone help me with this. plsss

  • Naveen Yash

    hey guys make it video for this pls n im using lg e405 dual sim pls suggest me how to do step by step n i dnt have home button in ma cell. only sensers i have :(

  • Fatih

    i m installed my LG e400 phone. but color is not good looking why ? send solution mail pls

  • David Parker

    will this work on lg e405?

    • ???????? ???????

      I Didn’t know!!!!! I Don’t have E405 Dual

  • Dan

    i’ve waitine for about 3 hours but my cellphone stuck in the blue guy and dont do anything!

  • bokbok

    hi, its good, but theres a problem.
    everytime i watch youtube may L3 restarting. why is that?

  • bokbok

    can i change it to miui?

  • M.c. Turnan

    Having issues. My wifi and cell are not working at all. Only Bluetooth. Anyone else having same problem?

  • Pablo Zambrano

    could u b more specific about wich sd card to copy from pc d zips to d internal or external urgent please respond thanx

  • Gani

    only LG optimus can do the ICS update?

  • John Crim

    I followed the instructions and the phones operating system changed. new apps new interface. Except is could no longer connect to my wireless or Rogers network. I restored to the old way.

  • sisilprs

    poor graphic … what can i do…? :-(

    • M4ru

      I dont know man!
      I had this problem and them i couldnt read anything in this cellphone so i got angry and installed the original os!

    • Thanos Katsandris

      install gelmar mod 1.3 you can find it by googling
      Lg l3 gellmar mod

  • Siddharth Patil

    is this ROM safe ?? should i install it??

    • ???????? ???????

      Safe, watch on youtube search Android 4.0 CM9 LG Optimus l3 E400 on youtube….

  • Siddharth Patil

    yeah…!! successsful !!
    rom is awesome … i loved it .great work guyzzz. there are some bugs i think hanges when i was
    applying screen lock wallpaper from gallery …till noww working superb !! no errors whatsoever.please keep updating it guyzzz ….thank u very much !!!! :)…nd i read some comments saying that google play is not present .. but in mine…yupp itzz there !!

  • Siddharth Patil

    hey guyzz bdw .. how to take screenshot ???

  • jason

    im so going to smack some one in the face HOW THE FUCK DO U GET PLAY STORE it seems no gives a SHIT

  • Shyam

    everything done within 30 min..great.. now i can play gta :))

  • Oscar Gallaga

    the wifi on my l3 wont turn on it says ‘WIFI TURING ON’ but never does can someone help me and my moible network dosnt turn on ether i cant restore cause i forgot to back up som help plz

    • Thanos Katsandris

      You have to do the first wipe , I mean factory reset

  • mark imakeri

    great job !!! works well on my LG l3 e400..thanks a lot :)
    just one question..can i update my phone using CyanogenMod updates…?
    thank you :)

    • alex

      man your phone is v10m?

    • Dila

      my phone just stop at cyanogen mod 9, can u help me? :'(

    • ???????? ???????

      You Can do Update on ROM Manager Premium (or not) to get update custom rom… When doesnt works, i don’t know, set a question or watch on YouTube how to update LG Optimus L3 E400 CM9 Android 4.0…… Sorry for Bad English……

  • mark imakeri

    Now i manage to install google play and other apps..nice :D

  • sunny randhir

    Please HELP, after starting bluetooth my lg l3 device stop working and the logo of cyanogenMod came on screen, just like restarting, but it takes about 3to4 hours to start. but bluetooth never work.
    plz reply………..

  • Vishad Viplav

    I did not wiped the data and now the phone is not turning on. What to do

  • smash078

    is this solve “System Memory” problem??????
    Please Reply :)

  • disqus_QWrBAxhnHx


  • pinoy ako!

    i cant fine google play! help!!!!

    • M4ru

      Man dre isn’t google play or any google apps in this version!

  • kervin

    my phone stop in cynogen mod 9 screen when i restart it, and when i unpluged the battery and turn it on again it stop again in cynogen screen, i’m waiting 30mins but nothing happen, what will i do to fix it?, anybody help me???? :(

    • M4ru

      You need to press Volume DOwn button + Home but + On/Off but and wait til the ClockWorkMod Screen appears them select Wipe data/ Factory reset!

      • joahpraxi

        doens’t work

  • Dila

    why my phone stop in cynogen mod 9? something wrong or what? if this way failed, i really disappointd to this website!! PLEASE HELP :'(

  • Donnie Blaze

    my wifi wont cut on! it keeps saying its off.

  • mark philip

    i tried this tutorial and it works. 100% running system for my phone :)

    *do not expect any google apps (play store, gmail, talk,polaris), to be installed, you have to choose your own. thanks


    CM9 ROM on LG L3 E400:
    VIKRAM 9873680812

  • Jeef

    Screen resolution does not fit Please help: (((

  • hfdh

    Data doesn’t work. :(

    APN settings don’t save: I enter APN info, click save, and APN list still empty.

    Programs like APN database etc. say like “unrecognized sim card”.
    I did factory reset but it didn’t help.

    I still can make phone calls and use wifi. Data was working before this upgrade!

    any ideas? Thanks!

    • moralesnery

      Every time you change the ROM, your APN settings get lost. You can enter them manually, just ask your carrier or search in Google. Is not that hard.

      • hfdh

        You didn’t get it.
        I enter APN settings, click save, but phone doesn’t save these settings. APN list is still empty, and phone unable to use DATA.

        • moralesnery

          I get it now, you can try going into recovery and doing full wipe, erasing caches and then reinstalling the ROM. If that doesn´t work, maybe you should try another ROM.

  • Melanie

    wifi dosent work, internet keeps sleeping! please please help.. or let me know how to unroot and get back to my old version!!!

  • Melanie

    to get back to the old version, after finding the official lg rom, what to do?

  • ???? ???? ??????

    i do all this steps but my phone stock after i reboot and stopped in cyanogenmod 9
    i can’t access to any thing
    please help me

  • Wensley Oliveira

    Thanks Worked very well, the only problem is the home button is not working anymore and the status bar is very dark and i cannot see anything on there.

  • Rudi Schwartz

    I installed cm-9-20130714-NIGHTLY-e400 on my LG e400.

    The upgrade worked perfectly (thanks a lot…),yet I have 2 issues :
    1.I don’t get any sound on my head sets.
    2.From time to time the phone seems to loose its Wifi connection.If I restart the wifi connection it works fine.

    Please help,

  • Samiran Ghosh

    screen and image quality is very poor, plz help anyone.

  • pipetko

    Now there is problem …The normal memory is still the bloody 150 MB’s HOW TO USE THE WHOLE 1 GB OF MEMORY? I have the official nad newest flash…..

  • Akram

    Thank you very much … I updated to ICS and nw it vry easy fr me… thx

  • ankit

    can i get the ICS 4.0..4 for my lg l3 e405.. ???

    • Panneer Scully Boy Selvan

      Download the latest released ROM file from the given link. That file is comes with the latest version that you asked,

  • drinkingvodka1

    what if i download it on the phone and put it into external sd and proceed normally?

  • foodeater2

    Everytime i try to put it into the external sd folder my pc crashes and restarts! What do i do???

  • galdo

    after upgrading my system using CM9 rom together upgrading my kernel in one reboot only.. my phone stuck in booting with LED flashing with white and black..

    what should i do to fix this matter

  • safdar

    i can’t found google apps and neither it loads external sd card