How to update Facebook status in Blue color

Facebook has many tricks to update status in different ways, Updating facebook status in blue color or normal text into link is more attractive to your friends. You can update your status in blue text. After updating status in blue color, the text will looks like a link to point to another site. You can also use this trick to post normal text into link. Here is a trick to update Facebook status in Blue text:

Facebook Keynote with blue screen

Trick and Tips to Update Facebook Status in Blue Text :

  • Login to your Facebook user Account.
  • Just copy and pastethe following code in the status update field

@@[0:[profile_id:1: your text]]@[profile_id:]
Ex: @@[0:[ninjaromeo:1:]] @[ninjaromeo:]

  • You can also use your profile id¬†instead of using username. Now just post the status.

Another method to update status in blue color in Facebook :

  • The following code does not require profile id or username.

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]

  • The above code automatically redirects to your profile.

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Now we successfully learnt how to post update status in blue color in Facebook, And also learnt the trick of post the normal text into link or url.

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