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How to uninstall/remove Jio Security App from your Android mobile

Uninstall or remove jio security app

Jio Security, Powered by Norton mobile is very useful for the users who is using the Reliance’s Jio. The app works as an anti virus, malware application. And includes many features like App Advisor, Stolen device recovery, Web protection, Contacts Backup, Sneak Peak, Phone lock, Proactive protection, Identity protection and Blocking Messages & Calls.

Sometimes, it may be unwanted one for you. It’ll run every new app installed or new update installed. And gives you an unwanted notification. At that time, you may want to remove this app from your android mobile. Here I just compiled a guide to uninstall Jio security app from your supported Android mobile.

Uninstall or remove jio security app

How to Remove or Uninstall Jio Security App from Android mobile:

  • If you want to remove the Security App, first you have to remove the app from the device administrators. Basically, after installing any security app, it will become your device administrator. So, you need to revoke the access first. Without doing this, you can’t remove the app from your mobile.
  • Open Settings > Security > Phone Administrators.
  • There you may find the Jio app option. Just uncheck the tick to deactivate the permission.
  • After that, you can uninstall the app via apps menu or whatever you can do normally.

Check out this video for more reference: –

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The Jio Security is the one of the best app for security purposes. There are many plenty of features in this app. You can use it very effectively. You can find the harmful apps on your mobile via this app to uninstall or change the permissions in your mobile.

Check out the app details on their website.

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1 Comment

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