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Uber tracked Lyft drivers using a secret program “Hell”

uber lyft tracks drivers hell software

New York (AP): It was a tricky one to track the drivers to preserve the security of Uber customers between 2014 to 2016. So, the new software program “Hell” used to track Uber Lyft Drivers in a effective way. There is a report from The Information site says, they can track which drivers are worked for Lyft, Where the Lyft drivers are available and how many of them available too. And it will give a measurement to allot a driver faster than other competitors.

Only a few of the Uber employees knew the secret software “Hell”. A spokesperson for Lyft told to the The Verge: “We are in a competitive industry. However, if true, these allegations are very concerning.” The Uber’s competitive intelligence group (COIN) has developed the tracking software “Hell”. In earlier this year, Uber has stopped the use of Hell software.

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Uber created fake accounts and that is Lyft drivers account and tricked their location to know the data of the drivers to the company that where the lyft drivers available. And they can easily investigate with each and every Uber driver. If they found the Driver is only working for Uber, then they gave some extra bonus to those drivers. And now they are started to use an another tracking software named as “Greyball”. What are your thoughts, share it in the comments section.

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