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World Clock – Check Local Time Around the World by TimeZone Android App

TimeZone Pro Android app

Are you a traveler? Frequently Going on vacations abroad? TimeZone Android app is best for you to check the current local time around the world. It also a great app for business people who is dealing their business in different country time zones. Do you have an experience that accidentally called your loveable mom at the middle of the night when you have been abroad? Don’t worry, this app helps you to check the time before make a call to abroad people.

This TimeZone Android app is available to use in all Android mobiles and tablets which is running Android 3.0 Honeycomb or more. However this app is available in two categories. One is Pro version and another one is as well as free app. In Pro version there is some advanced options than the free version. Map view option gives you a quickly timezone selection. You can easily select the time zone of the needed country by choosing the country in the Map. Lock screen widget is available in Pro version, you can see your needed county timezone in Lock screen too.

TimeZone Pro Android app

Features of Free TimeZone Android app:

  • Dynamic user interface with high resolution graphic optimized for mobiles and tablets
  • International localization that automatically adapts the GUI elements at the device language. There is inbuilted translations in english, italian, spanish and chinese.
  • Manually search for a place by name or keywords
  • You can create your own favourite timezones list with the ability of customizing color or description of the elements
  • Widgets in 4×1 and 4×2 sizes
  • Set an alarm for another timezone that you need


  • Maximum number of your favourite element is 3
  • Map interaction option is limited to favourite elements on tablets only.

Features of Pro App:

  • Choosing of your preferred style for your timezones list elements
  • No limit to the number of favourite elements
  • 24/12h time format option
  • “Map” view for both mobile and tablets
  • Map animations
  • Full interaction with the map to quickly know the timezone of any place in the world
  • Lockscreen widget
  • Able to add an element to your favourite list directly from the map
  • Get latest app updates


You can download apk file or from Gooogle Play store of both free and paid versions.

TimeZone free app Download – Google Play Store

TimeZone Paid app download – Google Play Store

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