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How to Select a Spy Software for iPhone

How to select a spy software in iphone

It is difficult to make up your mind when it comes to choosing the right spy software for iPhone. Many users of iOS devices find it difficult to find apps that work on their device, some people find it cumbersome to use jailbreak apps, and some never find the right app with the features that they need. The reason for this is that there no defined criteria that people can use while hunting for the right monitoring app. This articles aims to offer a lead for those who have decided to use such an app. Here are things to look out for while selecting the iPhone spy app:

How to select a spy software in iphone

Criteria 1: Pricing

The first thing you must lookout for is the price of the app and payment options. Do not go for an app that comes at a high price but doesn’t offer enough features, especially the ones you need. Additionally, it must have suitable and flexible payment options that suit your needs. For instance, xnspy an app that many people talk about because it offers some of the most-wanted features in one app, that too at as low as $8.32 per month.

Criteria 2: Spying Features

The app you opt for must have all the necessary features you need for effective monitoring. In case you are wondering what kinds of features to look out for, then here are some suggestions:

  • Remote control – The app must allow you to have ultimate power over the target device. Once installed on the target cell phone it must allow you to lock it permanently or wipe off all data if you want and whenever you want.
  • Access to SMS and iMessages – The spy software for iPhone must allow you to read all outgoing and incoming text messages, including iMessage conversations. It should display the time the target engaged in the conversations.
  • Access to internet chats like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. – You must be able to use the app to read all chats happening via different internet messengers. It must also show you all videos and photos sent and received via these chatting tools.
  • Access to installed apps – It must allow you to see all installed apps on the target device, and give you the power to block any unwanted apps.
  • Access to GPS locations – Monitoring apps must allow users to keep track of the location of the target device using satellites imagery. Some apps have an option to use satellites with historical imagery. XNSPY shows you the history of locations visited along with the time at which the target device was at those locations.Access to recorded calls and background sounds – The app must have the ability to record calls automatically. It must also allow you to listen to background discussions around the target device whenever you want.
  • Operate in stealth mode – The app must have the ability to remain undetected. If the app is detectable, then it is not a good spying app. Besides, it must not slow the device down or interfere with its functionality in any way.
  • Not restricted to jailbreak or no-jailbreak devices – Spying apps for iOS devices must be available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

The reason for Xnspy fame is that it offers these features and many others. When you shop for a tracking or monitoring app, make sure it offers these and many other features. That’s how you will get value for the money you invest in monitoring the target person.

Criteria 3: 24/7 Services

Before purchasing the spy software for iPhone, make sure that the company offers 24/7 customer service and around the clock alerts. That’s the only condition required for you to enjoy complete monitoring of the target person.

When you start your search for a spying app, make sure that you keep these selection criteria in mind. The best way to gather such information about apps is to read their reviews because they provide firsthand advice about users’ experience. They can tell you what to expect, and help you make the right decision.

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1 Comment

  1. Jasmin Bing

    September 1, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    I use a spy app called iKeyMonitor.

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