How to solve Samsung Galaxy S6 Gallery not showing pictures

Samsung Galaxy S6 image not showing in gallery

Some Samsung Galaxy s6 and Edge users has reported that the gallery is not showing any pictures that was downloaded from Facebook and browsers like UC Browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.,. Sometimes the images you have taken from your camera also not shown in the gallery app. However, the photo is saved in your mobile. So, Don’t worry. I will help you to solve the disappeared image to show in the Gallery of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 image not showing in gallery

How to Fix Image not showing in Gallery issue on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge:

There are many reasons for this issue happens on your phone. It only happens to certain images. Here are some tips to solve the image disappeared issue in your Android smartphone.

  • Go to Settings > App Manager > Gallery. Now do the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data“. After that, tap the “Force stop“. This will solve the issue. Now open the Gallery App and you will get the hidden pic.
  • If the above method doesn’t solve the problem, try to restart the handset. Every time you reboot the mobile, your mobile’s media scanner will solve it reappear the lost image.
  • Is the reboot method also not worked? Don’t worry. Here is the other method. Now install the QuickPic from the Play Store. This is a light weight replacement for gallery app. Now open and find the picture in the app. This will solve the .nomedia file extension problem.

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Hope the above article was helped you to get the needed result easily. Now stay updated with us by Facebook fan, so that you won’t miss the latest updates. Is you fixed the Image not showing in Gallery issue on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge? share it on comment section.

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