How to Set Custom Notification Ringtone in Android

Android Custom Notification Ringtone Photos

Android Devices are rolled out widely in the world. In Android devices there is no easy option to set a custom or own notification ringtone. But, we can make a custom notification ringtone manually. Here is a Guide to set a own custom notification ringtone.

Android Custom Notification Ringtone Photos

How to Set Own Custom Notification Ringtone in Android:

  • First thing is, you need to create a folder in Memory SD card. So, you can use Astro,ES File Manager or any other for this process.
  • Open any File manager go to the SD card, and create new folder named as “media“(without quotes).
  • And open the media folder, and create another new folder named as “audio“.
  • Then open the audio folder and again create 2 new folders. One is “notifications” and another one is “ringtones“.
  • It must be in this path- SDcard> media> audio> notifications

Android custom Notification Ringtone photos

  • After the above process move the tone that you want to set as notification ringtone to the notifications folder.
  • You can also use the ringtones folder to set the ringtones.
  • After that, go to Settings> Sound> Notification Ringtone.
  • Now you can see the custom tone that you moved earlier to the notifications folder.

If the moved tone is not there, then restart your phone. Then check the ringtones settings. The file will be there and just select it click ok.

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Now we successfully learnt, how to set own / custom ringtone & notification ringtone in Android.

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