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Update Samsung Galaxy S5 with XtreStoLite V1.0.1 ROM

XtroStoLite ROM for Galaxy S5

XtreStoLite Rom for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F has released to update it on your mobile. You can enjoy more customized options like Animations, Menu Style and much more. The ROM was released in the Xda Developer forum. The user “edgarf28” was done this job. Keep in mind before processing this tutorial. This is not an official ROM from the Samsung. All credits goes to the original XtreStoLite ROM developer. We have compiled a step by step guide to users of Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F. We recommend to do it by TWRP recovery. Just install the TWRP recovery. And follow our guidelines.

XtroStoLite ROM for Galaxy S5


  • We are not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this ROM. If any problem happens that related to installing, we will help you to solve it.

Features of XtreStoLite ROM:

  • Based on the latest Samsung Stock XXU1ANCE firmware
  • Omega Kernel by Indie (very close to stock, with init.d & ExFat support)
  • De-bloated to 559 MB, it’s just barebone stock firmware
  • ROM includes the Samsung Gallery and Camera
  • All the standard features of Stock Android will work
  • Unique separate Aroma Add-on Package which includes all the removed Samsung ‘bloatware’ apps, so that you can flash at any time your missing app back…
  • At every boot the FsTrim command will be excecuted, to keep your Phone smooth and the internal memory fast!
  • Latest Google Keyboard (You can install the Samsung keyboard with the Aroma add-on package)
  • SuperSu rooted & BusyBoxed
  • Odexed (to keep it ART Runtime compatible, and keep it 100% original stock files = faster)
  • Multi-CSC (Including one extra BTU CSC with the secondary symbols removed from the Samsung Keyboard!)
  • ART Runtime works (Make sure you haven’t the Xposed Framework installed when using ART)
  • 100% Original Stock files (No mods or etc), this gives you the fastest & smoothest experience, really!

Aroma Add-on Package Contents:

  • AllShare
  • Baby Crying Monitor
  • Drive Mode
  • E-Mail app + Exchange support
  • Easy One Hand Mode
  • Extreme Power Saving Mode (this option also includes the Emergency Mode)
  • Gear Manager support
  • Finger Print Scanner support
  • Kids Mode
  • Multi Window support
  • Quick Connect (available from the Notification panel)
  • Keyboard
  • File Manager app
  • Wallpaper Picker (with the stock S5 Wallpapers)
  • SBrowser (internet browser)
  • SMemo
  • SCloud
  • SFinder (available from the Notification panel)
  • SHealth app
  • SPlanner
  • SPrint support
  • SVoice app
  • SView cover support
  • TTS and Google TTS voices (needed for SVoice voice feedback)
  • AccuWeather Widget (including the Weather daemon)
  • Weather Daemon / lockscreen weather
  • Samsung Fonts (4 system fonts)
  • SmartRemote (IR app)
  • My Magazine + FlipBoard
  • App Store + Samsung account support
  • Photo Studio (to edit your photos)
  • Video Studio (to edit your videos)
  • VPN connection support
  • Voice Note (voice recorder app)
  • Google Play Store app backup/restore function
  • Clock Widgets
  • Video App (The Video Player it self is already included in the ROM, this is only the app that shows up in the app drawer)

Pre Requirements:

  • A Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F android Mobile.
  • A PC or Laptop with Working Internet connection.
  • We recommend you to take a backup of your data in the mobile using PC suite or any other method. After the process, the data won’t be deleted. In case if you miss some data you can restore it from the backup file.
  • SMS – How to Backup Messages
  • Contacts – Sync with Gmail App
  • Videos, Images, Songs and Other Files – Copy to internal / External SD card or System
  • APN Settings – Take Manual Note from Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Then maintain minimum 60% charge in your mobile’s battery. This will help your device to don’t get switched off.
  • And Enable USB Debugging – “Settings > Developer Settings> USB Debugging”. Check this – How to Enable USB Debugging in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Then Disable any antiviruses and firewalls in your PC or Laptop. Because these tools may interrupts the process during the installation.

Download Files:

  • ROM file – (559.7 MB) – here
  • Aroma Package – (552.4 MB) – here

How to Install Echoe Custom ROM in Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F:

  • We recommend to use TWRP recovery. Just try the stock recovery if it works for your mobile.
  • Connect your phone to PC or laptop with original USB Data cable. That you got when you bought the phone. Because using other cables may produce not detecting problems.
  • Transfer the downloaded files to your mobile’s SD card.
  • Switch off the mobile.
  • After that, Reboot into recovery mode. For that, switch on the phone, press and hold Volume Up + Power + Home buttons together. Check this – Enter Recovery Mode in Galaxy S5 All Models
  • Wipe All the caches.
  • Do the following: “Mounts and Storage > Format /system > Yes”
  • After the above process, select the “Install Zip from SD card” and then “Choose zip from SD card”
  • Now choose the downloaded file XtreStoLite ROM file “” that downloaded earlier.
  • Then confirm it and wait for the process complete. It takes some long time to complete.
  • And again do the same thing to install the “”.
  • Then select “Go Back > Reboot System now” to reboot the phone.
  • Normally first boot take some long time to complete. It will install the updates on the first boot. So, wait un till it finishes the booting process.
  • If your phone has stuck on the welcome screen or boot screen, just remove the battery and re insert it and do the above steps again.

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In future, we will update installing Custom ROM’s on your mobile. So, stay updated with us by subscribing our newsletters, Facebook fan, Twitter follower, And Google Plus page. Now you have successfully learned how to Install XtreStoLite V1.0.1 Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F.

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