How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 is now possible with this method. The Samsung Pocket S5300 is one of the good android smartphone from Samsung. The phone is perfectly working after rooting with this guide. Samsung Galaxy Pocket have more features and the phone is also comes with an affordable price. You can root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 with this guide.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages that may happened with this guide. If anything happens we will help you to solve the problem. And keep in mind rooting your phone will void your warranty.

Pre Requisites to Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300:

  • The Data in Samsung Galaxy Pocket won’t be deleted. We recommend you to take a backup.
  • SMS – How to Backup Messages
  • Contacts – Sync with Gmail App
  • Videos, Images, Songs and Other Files – Copy to internal / External SD card or System
  • APN Settings – Take Manual Note from “Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names“
  • Your phone should have minimum 60% charge.
  • Enable USB Debugging – “Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging”

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300:

  • Download the Rooting zip – Here
  • Transfer the zip from PC into SD card.
  • Remove the USB Cable from PC.
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Reboot into recovery mode by pressing, Volume UP + POWER + Center button together.
  • Select “install zip from SD card” and then “choose zip from SD card”.
  • Then select the zip file that moved from PC.
  • Flash with the file.
  • After that, select “Go Back” and then “reboot system now”.

You can get all the news about Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 – Here

After rebooting your phone, check the phone Super User app is installed or not. If the app is installed your phone was rooted correctly. Now you successfully learnt how to root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300.

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  • cutyglyde

    Hello sir where do i put exactly the file in the sd card? In what folder do i copy and paste it inside the sd card? Is this safe because i’m a bit scared to rooted my phone i just bought it last week. thnaks and more power!!

    • There is no fear to do it. Just place the file inside of your sd card. Not in any folder.

  • Stew

    How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300:

    1. First of all download the rooting package on your computer and transfer it to your Phone by connecting your phone to computer in USB mass storage mode.
    *copy it to your root folder. Open the “My files” on the Home menu and you will see the folders. Putting it on the micro sd card will not be seen once you go to procedure #3.

    2. Now switch off your phone and remove the battery. Put the battery back again and restart it back again into recovery mode.

    3. For entering into recovery mode, press the Volume Up button, Menu button (center button) and Power key all together simultaneously.

    4. Once you have booted into recovery mode, choose the option “update etc…” and choose the file ** that we copied. You can use volume key to navigate through the available options.
    5. Confirm the installation by pressing yes and wait until the process completes.
    6. Up next, press back key and choose the “reboot system now” option.

    • zhavic69

      hi sir, good day… i can’t root my galaxy pocket, i don’t know why.. “installation aborted” appeared after pressing yes… can you help me where process is something wrong? thanks..

    • bart

      tnx man finally!!!!

    • can i not choosr reboot system now ..? I don’t wanna loose my data and files .


    sir cant we upgrade galaxy pocket to cyanogenmod 7…….

  • zhavic69

    hi sir, good day… i can’t root my galaxy pocket, i don’t know why.. “installation aborted” appeared after pressing yes… can you help me where process is something wrong? thanks….

  • peewy

    is this 100% safe? I’m afraid to lose all my files… very important files

  • Max

    Rooted or not ? How can I check if my phone is rooted ?
    I installed DroidWall but can’t enable the firewall. Always iptables error.
    Can somebody help me ?

    • If your phone was rooted, SUPER USER app is installed on your phone. Check your apps, If it was not installed, your phone is not rooted.

  • Anaksulung

    can i ask something? what is the difference after we root our phone than not? root it for what?

    • Rooting is just like unlocking a part in your phone. After that you can install Custom ROM’s and Apps that need a root access.

  • Matwankarninad

    can we also get the cynogen mod for our phones s5300 OR roms for s5300

  • Matwankarninad

    i want roms for my s5300 can u tell me when it will be coming

    • Manojboss205

      yes my friend even i too want if i turn on my avast fire wall, it says please flash with rom… if you got the answer means please email me my id [email protected] thanksssss


  • Manojboss205

    i cont find the update zip in my mobile what should i do

    • Coldsoulkiller

      put it in your phone memory

  • Manojboss205

    yes i did it thanks a lot………………….

  • Manojboss205

    but it says please flash with rom to use all the feature and my avast firewall is not enabling please say me …………

  • Ijazibrahimchmk

    is it possible to install custom rom ..aftr rooting by this method

  • cyrus falsis

    my SU binary is outdated.. what should i do? i cannot updateit through my phone, after downloading manifest has been okay’d.. then next step keeps on failing..

  • David

    It says – Too many pattern attempts! I entered my gmail account and password but it says ‘Incorrect user name or password.

    Still can’t access to my s5300. Please help me ASAP.


  • I put the file in my phone…started the phone in system rec… but i get installation aborted E error in /tmp/sideload/ …..

    • Earl Bordeos

      same here

      • Voivod89

        Same over there. Could be the firmware?

  • Guest

    Hi sir
    1)I Root my mobail than, SUPER USER app is installed.
    In SUPER USER rootVaalidator & superuser are file are store then what can i do?
    please replay.
    2) And how ican i chack my all app are working?
    3) It is not danger to my cell how can i conform it?

  • chetan gaurkar

    Hi Sir
    1) How i can conform my mobail is rooted?
    2) I want to update my cell os?
    then how can i do it tel mi steeps?
    3) What are the best updater file for may cell galaxy pockte s5300?

  • Amit

    i tried this sir but it doesn’t rooted. i don’t know why.. “installation aborted” appeared after pressing
    yes… can you help me where process is something wrong? thanks..

  • how can i root my phone ??? done this so many times…… how come i cannot root it ???

  • oh my god !!!! i just finally did it !!!! thanks a lot for the ones who helped me !!!! 😀


  • BigProblem

    .. Umm .. I have a problem 🙁 . After i transfer to my phone , after removing the usb from PC , and switching off the phone , the “volume UP + Power + Center button” Doesn`t works :/ I tried to press a few times , together etc .. Doesn`t work 🙁
    Heelp :/

  • rogelyn villaceran

    how to set up my access point names to connect my mobile internet to smart phones.

  • Simon mullin

    Hi can u help a keep getting a doula click requirement on my phone when making on receiving calls can’t seem to remove very annoying

  • Simon mullin

    Sorry that should read double tap when making and receiving calls

  • Simon mullin

    The phone is new,the Samsung galaxy pocket

  • After doing the procedure, my phone keeps on restarting.. inve tried to reboot but still the same… it will work for a while then will vibrate to restart again. Please help. Thanks.

  • i don’t have USB cable :/

  • Hamdi Kandil

    How to remove double tap in Samsung galaxy lite mobile?

  • michael

    sir f finish rooting can we back it to stock mode

  • Please, can I go further to root, I am asking cuz you were not specific about the build number.
    Anyway, below are the details of my device

    Baseband version: S5300XXLE2
    Kernel version: [email protected]#1

  • mickoh

    iv installd d app, how cn i know that dt my phne s rooted?