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How to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X by Vroot

Root Alcatel One Touch 2s 4010x

Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X mobile is now rooted by Vroot software. If you don’t know about the meaning for rooting, here is it. It allows other files or data from third party to access system files. This will give the function to do customization of user interface, some apps which also comes in Custom ROM. After rooting the Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S phone, you can do any kind of process that need a root access for ROM installation, ClockWorkMod Recovery and some other apps that need a root access. Here is a guide to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010x.

Root Alcatel One Touch 2s 4010x


Warning before rooting Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S:

  • We are not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide.
  • Rooting is voids your warranty of your phone.
  • Rooting the phone will not flash the phone. So, you won’t lost the files after that.
  • Use this guide at your own risk. We shall not have any liability or responsibility for whatever happens to you and your device by using the instructions in this guide.
  • The instructions provided in this tutorial for educational purpose only. There is no guarantee that these steps will work for your device.
  • The steps given in this tutorial is only to use with Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S and the model number 4010x. Applying this guide to any other device or any other model may produce many problems.
  • Read and Understand the whole tutorial first, before going to perform the steps.

Pre Requirements to root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S:

  • A Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S Android Smartphone.
  • A PC or Laptop with Working Internet connection to download and use the Vroot application.
  • We recommend you to take a backup of your data in the mobile using PC suite or any other method. After the process, the data won’t be deleted. In case if you miss some data you can restore it from the backup file.
  • SMS – How to Backup Messages
  • Contacts – Sync with Gmail App
  • Videos, Images, Songs and Other Files – Copy to internal / External SD card or System
  • APN Settings – Take Manual Note from “Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Then maintain minimum 60% charge in your mobile’s battery. This will help your device to don’t get switched off.
  • And Enable USB Debugging – Check this – How to Enable USB Debugging in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Then Disable any antiviruses and firewalls in your PC or Laptop. Because these tools may interrupts the process.

Downloadable files to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S:

The following files are need to perform the process in the guide. So, download the following filesone by one. And make sure that you have downloaded all the files. If the following download links were broken. Inform us to re post the download files.

  • Vroot App – VRoot_1.4.2.3195_Setup_95.exe – here

How to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the above file.
  • Install it on your PC or Laptop.
  • Then Open the installed program.
  • Now connect the phone to Computer using Original USB data cable that you got it when you bought the phone. Because using other kind of cables may not be detected by the computer. So only we are recommending to use the original.
  • Make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your phone.
  • Then wait for the Vroot to detect the device.
  • After that click the green button.
  • Then in a few seconds your mobile will be rebooted.
  • When it reboots your device must be rooted.
  • Then go to the Google Play store and download the SuperUser app or update it.
  • Now your mobile has been rooted successfully.
  • Then you can remove the phone from the Computer.
  • Normally first boot take some long time to complete. It will install the updates on the first boot. So, wait untill it finishes the booting process.
  • If your phone has stuck on the welcome screen or boot screen, just remove the battery and re insert it and do the above steps again.

You can get all our guides about Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S – here

You done it easily! your Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S mobile has been rooted successfully. If you face any kind of problem, trouble or have any issue that may be difficult to understand how to do it with this guide, then don’t stop to inform us. Do share in comment section in case if you face any problems or met any errors in firmware update process. Your problems, suggestions or any other issues will be clarified and the correct answer or solution for your problem will be given to your comment as soon as possible.

In future, we will update installing Custom ROM’s on your device. So, stay updated with us by subscribing our newsletters, Facebook fan, Twitter follower, And Google Plus page. Now you have successfully learned how to root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X.

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1 Comment

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