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Ping Pay App by Axis Bank – How to Send/Receive money through Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp

Axis Bank brings you the Ping Pay App. Have to pay a friend for movie tickets? But, you don’t have their bank account details. Relax. Using this app you can easily send money to your contacts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail without knowing their bank account details. And get a chance to say something every time you pay them.

Whenever you send or ask for money or recharge in PingPay app by Axis Bank, you can also send Videos, Voice notes, Images. The Limit of the transaction is from Rs.1 to Rs.50,000 per day by using the app and its completely free to use. Anyone can use the PingPay App (both Axis Bank and non Axis Bank customers).

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Ping Pay by Axis Bank – Now Facebook your money without knowing Bank Account details

Do more than just chatting, posting comments or sharing links on Facebook. PingPay lets you send money securely through Facebook without knowing any account details of the receiver.

PingPay by Axis Bank – Now Tweet your money without knowing Bank Account Details

Do more than just tweeting and re-tweeting on Twitter. Ping Pay lets you send money securely through Twitter without knowing any account details of the receiver.

So, split a bill, pay for pizza or send your share of the rent with just a ping. With this new app you can also pay your contacts through WhatsApp, SMS or e-mail and say something every time you pay.

Check it on Axis Bank site about the app – here

In the Ping Pay app, Axis bank users only can send and receive money or recharge. The non axis bank users only receive the money or recharge. For receiving money, your bank should have the IMPS feature. Check the list of banks have the IMPS – here

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How to Transfer Money in Ping Pay App from Axis Bank:

  • First, Download and install the App on your Android mobile or iPhone.
  • For Android – here
  • For iOS – here
  • After the installation, Open the app from your mobile and register it.
  • Enter the mobile number. Then enter the One Time Password (OTP).
  • Then in the next page, enter the name. Then enter the 6 digit MPIN.
  • Now you need to enter the bank details. If you are an existing Axis Mobile user, just select the account details.
  • Now enable the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter. Whatsapp is activated by default.
  • If you want to send or receive the Money or recharge, follow the on screen instruction.
  • Then you will get a 4 digit ping code to share it with your friend.
  • Now share it with your friend.
  • When your friend receives the message from you, she / he need to install the Ping Pay app from the link.
  • Then he / she also enter the account details in the app.
  • When the receiver enter the Ping code on their app, they will get the money from your account.

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This Ping Pay app is fully secured by Axis bank. Your bank details won’t shared to any others. Hope you have learned how to use the Ping Pay app by Axis Bank to send or receive money from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

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