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The Best LG Phones to Buy in 2017

best lg mobiles in 2017

Popularity of LG phones might not be the same as the Korean Samsung which has gained marketing niche in the global market. Dive into the catalogue of LG phones and you will discover tremendous features of LG smartphone. LG was the first phone to introduce 3D screen and modular technology. Additionally, they also provided a second screen for messaging.  The knowledge of this phones have been subdued by other android makes that blind the customers on their features.

Withal, LG brands are high quality and contain features that fit the current needs in the phone industry.  With the increased technological awareness, people are seeking to invest in a good phone which can perform an array of functionalities. Selecting the best make of LG phone is not easy due to increased cases of fake gadgets in the market. You can purchase quality phones with best features using discount coupons available at OZCodes.  At 2017, you can buy a pretty range of LG phones covering all budgets. We provide a list of best LG phones.


This is the first big phone launched in the year 2017. The flagship of this phone has been appreciated by the customers due to friendly experience. It is 5.1 inch offering QHD+ visual, hence providing excellent display. It is therefore ideal for watching movies while someone is in motion. With the support of Dolby Vision HDR, the user is guaranteed of gorgeous displays. Moreover, the device has huge storage capacity, which is expandable depending on the needs of the user. Interestingly, it is fully water resistant, which makes it more ideal. Also, it provides flexible camera features which can be adjusted to suit the environment.


Although LG G5 has been in the market for long compared to LG G6, it is still ideal for performing major technological functions. It is still known for modular and its capability to replace the battery. Its dual lens camera is still powerful since it provides gorgeous images. It is powered by snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 5.3 inch screen. Notably the battery has a capacity of 2800mAh. The device cost an estimate of $300, which is almost half price of its predecessor.


This is an affordable LG device that offers pleasing experience. It has a 4.5 inch screen and is a good choice for replacing secondary gadgets. Otherwise, it is appropriate for people who are particularly not demanding. It is not recommended for media activities such as gaming, but its display and good camera makes it still usable. Another point of consideration is its affordability. It has a storage capacity of 8GB and 1GB RAM.


This is an affordable phone going for about $99. It rivals other budget blowing gadget in the market. If you are looking for a dependable secondary phone then this model is recommended. Apart from smooth experience, it provides nice snaps. The hardy design enables it to survive regular accidental falls. It has 5 inch screen, 1.5GB RAM and storage capacity of 8GG. Further, it has a processor running in Marshmallow operating system.

LG X power 2

If you want a phone for watching movies but cannot afford high spec phones such as LG G6, then X Power 2 is an option. With a 5.5 inch HD screen, it provides homely experience while enjoying movies and other entertainment options. It has a rather huge capacitybattery of 4500mAh, which provide a full day streaming when fully charged.It runs on Octa-core processor and contains 1.5GB RAM as well as 26GB storage capacity.

LG K10

LG launched K series gadgets in the market towards the end of year 2016. K 10 has penetrated the market with force and it is recognized for its affordability. It offers 1.5 inch HD screen and a 13mega pixel camera and other reasonable specs that suit its price. K series have been defined by their cheap prices. Budgeting for LG K10 is not pocket pinching. It has a 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of 32GB.

So there you have a roundup of the best LG phones to buy in 2017. Avoid mislead from the retailers but do your purchases from trusted where you get quality and efficient gadgets.

Looking for preowned gadget? It might be a good idea to buy used devices to save money.

Explore the 6 Expensive Mobile Phones Around the Globe

Didn’t got a phone yet? Then, I guess you are living in the stone age, aren’t you? The reason is that the phone is a major requirement in our daily lives. A person’s mobile phone is a gateway to everything else in his life. This is the hint through which you would understand that why individuals are more attached to their phones than anything else.

Additionally, the recent advances in technology prove that your cell phone can do everything that your PC can do. As the days pass by, the technology has become an indispensable part of the humanity. If you are in the market and you are expecting a mobile that would do everything but on a shoestring budget, then probably you are in need of the Affordable Mobile voucher code.

As of now, let us have a glance at the top 6 expensive mobile phones in the globe.

Phone#6: Black Diamond Vipin

With the first mobile with LED technology in the world, Sony Ericsson has built the 6th most expensive phone. The phone is decorated with the two diamonds, first in phone body and other in the navigation button. The phone has been designed and made in Singapore and Malaysia.





Storage Capacity






Windows Phone


Price – US: $300,000

Price – UK: £230,453

Phone#5: Vertu Signature Cobra

The best feature that this phone of Vertu Signature Cobra is the Cobra Snack Design being designed alongside the phone. The phone is available in 2 distinct colours. The phone is constructed with pure 22 karat gold and is available with Fri Kin and Cobra Signature. The technical specifications are stated below.



Golden and White


Storage Capacity


Internal Memory: NA

External Memory: 4GB

Camera Resolution




Price – US: $310,000

Price – UK: £238,135

Phone#4: Goldvish Le Million

The Goldvish Le Million was initially designed and constructed in the Swaziland. Designed by Emmanuel Gueit, the phone is being made up of 18 White Gold and numerous 20 white diamonds.



Golden and White Colour


Storage Capacity


Internal Memory: NA

External memory: 2GB

Display with Camera Resolution


Display: 3.5”

Rear Camera: 2MP

Front Camera: NA


Price – US: $130,000,0

Price – UK: £998,632

Phone#3: Kings Button iPhone 3G

The Kings Button iPhone 3G consists of smart-phone screen protection, and the mobile body is covered with 138 precious diamonds. The navigation home button is being designed with 6.6 beautiful white diamond.





Storage Capacity


Internal Storage: 512MB

External Storage: 32GB

Display with Camera Resolution


Display: 3.5”

Front Camera: 2MP

Rear Camera: 8 MP



iOS Version 4.0


Price – US: $250,000,0

Price – UK: £1,920,750

Phone#2: Gold Sticker iPhone 3G 32GB

Launched in the year of 2009, Gold Sticker iPhone 3G has screen protection with the Corning Gorilla Glass Oleophobic Coating. The phone consists of 136 diamonds with 9.55oz of weight. Along with this, the phone is made up of pure 22 karat Kashmir Gold.



Storage Capacity


Internal Storage: 256 MB

External Storage: 32/16/8 GB

Display with Camera Resolution


Display: 3.5”

Front Camera: NA

Rear Camera: 3MP



iOS 3


Price – US: $320,000,0

Price – UK: £2,458,969

Phone#1: Pink Falcon Supernova Diamond iPhone 32 GB

This is the phone that is leading the list of the most expensive mobile phones in the world. The phone has been made by the frontrunner in the mobile companies, Apple. It is studded with the 500 rose pink diamonds by Stuart Hughes. Let us have a look at the technical specifications of this phone.





Storage Capacity


Internal Storage: 512MB

External Storage: 32GB

Display with Camera Resolution


Display: 3.5”

Front Camera: 2MP

Rear Camera: 8MP



iOS Version 4.0


Price – US: $820,000,0

Price – UK: £6,301,108

Now when the cat is out of your bag, be rolling to the latest smart-phones that keep coming in the market.

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YouTube direct, new (confused) option for video streaming

youtube red direct logo images

The YouTube Direct will be available for all or will be only just for the chosen few? That’s the question we are trying to answer the many fans of video platform in the last hours has issued new orders for programming streamed video material.

Although the direct currently depopulated on various social media – from Facebook to Instagram – YouTube has always moved with the hand-brake on, leaving open the function only to so-called certified profiles — users who had a figure of followers exceeding 10,000 followers.

In later phases the release, many fans of YouTube have discovered that it was possible to transmit live, even with a figure of less than 10,000 followers demanded. The limit was subsequently lowered the 90% by Big G(Google), giving an opportunity to all those with at least a thousand followers to create direct.

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Following this discovery, it seemed that even this limit has been removed from YouTube, to such an extent, he pioneered streaming to all users. In reality, things are not quite so.

If you look at the organizational chart of the portal you discover that the limit is still present. Only a small circle of users will have a chance to test the direct free for all. YouTube will go to study the dynamics of this group to discover the behavior of members and to make improvements.

All those who await the streaming on YouTube will still need to be patient. It shouldn’t take a long time.

Keeping your GoPro Footage Silky Smooth with Gimbals

Gimbals testing for go pro cameras

With the falling prices of digital cameras, the advent of GoPro cameras and accessories has made capturing beautiful footage really easy even when you are on an unfriendly budget. Today, you can easily and safely take your GoPro camera anywhere and film in all manner of situations. Not only that, you can now do it like a pro!

However, creating high quality videos has remained a big challenge—the issue of shakiness, for instance, has been every cameraman’s concern. This is predominantly an issue where there is a lot of motion such as when you are shooting active or extreme sports. Nonetheless, there is a solution: whether shooting on a DSLR, a large cinema camera, or even using your smartphone, there are tools that you can use to stabilize your video footage so that it comes out silky smooth and steady.

Handheld Gimbal

The best and most widely available tool you can use today for keeping your GoPro footage silky smooth is a Handheld Gimbal. By far, this is the most popular gimbal available by virtue of the fact that it has been in use for much longer. The handheld gimbal makes it possible to hold your digital camera more like a selfie-stick. However, you will not need to point the camera at yourself, unless you intentionally want to. This facilitates shooting of high quality footage that was (initially) only possible with rails.

Gimbals utilize an assortment of complicated stabilizing electronics that includes motors, sensors, and dynamics to cancel out all manner of unwanted movements your GoPro camera might encounter as you shift around. The majority of Gimbals come with 2 or 3 different axes set around your camera.

It is the sensors that detect any motion on your camera’s axes; the motors work to counteract it and bring stability. Any sudden jolts and bumps basically get cancelled out by your gimbal, effectively taking your video footage to a pro-like level.

Sybrillo – Versatile GoPro Accessory

Sybrillo was ideally the premier smart GoPro accessory available if you wanted more stable videos. It makes your footage look awesome by giving you professional-level capabilities. It makes shooting extreme sports less tricky. Sybrillo packs several powerful features — and some you would never have dreamed of:

  • Gyroscopic stability to your GoPro
  • Using their proprietary app, you can remotely control Sybrillo via your smartphone.

 Slick Stabilizer Gimbal

This innovative action camera stabilizer gimbal is compatible with GoPro. It allows you to capture clear footage hands-free. This is the first waterproof gimbal in the world, coming with 3 embedded waterproof motors, making it a darling of any water sports enthusiast. With the Slick Stabilizer Gimbal, you will not have to worry about the possibility of ruining your priceless gear when shooting in the rain.

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The Feiyu G5 Gimbal

Up to just a couple of years ago, the crop of gimbals that were available for action cameras have, to a large extent, been the handheld type.  You would have to take your GoPro and physically attach it to essentially what was an oversized selfie-stick.  This didn’t offer you any help in case you wanted to participate in some sporting event where you cannot hold a camera out in front of you, such as mountain biking.

In August, Feiyu Tech released Feiyu G5 gimbal. This is a wearable version of their handheld gimbal line-up.  The wearable gimbal is simply attached to any GoPro mount such as your chest strap, helmet, or pole. You will get the same level of high quality footage stabilization as with a handheld gimbal.

The wearable Feiyu G5 gimbal is certainly a very pretty cool gadget. No doubt, over time, the size will continue to shrink as more competitors enter the GoPro camera accessories market.  For now, it’s perhaps the only available option among the many on the market that can actually be worn. Certainly, you will have more confidence in this item for it comes from a reputable company known for quality products—Feiyu.

Bottom Line

Gimbals are typically very easy to set up on your digital camera. Essentially, you just download the version of the firmware you want to use, have it connected to your GoPro (or indeed any other device you may want to use), and you are set to shoot incredibly smooth imagery and videos. Of course, don’t forget that if you want to become a true pro photographer, mastering and implementing all the right body movements will greatly boost what you can achieve with your latest equipment.

Latest Gaming Physics Technology Direct Physics trademarked by Microsoft, Could be an API Addition for DirectX 12

Microsoft Havok Trademark direct physics

Back in October 2015, we should rewind that, Microsoft has acquired the popular company for the most used middleware as physically in the gaming industry and that was Havok. They told that, this Havok’s middleware will be integrated into Microsoft’s developer tools such as DirectX 12, Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure.

As we welcome Havok to the Microsoft family, we will continue to work with developers to create great gaming experiences, and continue to license Havok’s development tools to partners. We believe that Havok is a fantastic addition to Microsoft’s existing tools and platform components for developers, including DirectX 12, Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure.

Havok shares Microsoft’s vision for empowering people to create worlds and experiences that have never been seen before, and we look forward to sharing more of this vision in the near future.

Now Microsoft has trademarked the Havok’s middleware for their Physics API integration and named as Direct Physics. And this would help the Game developers reduce the complexity of accessing things while creating games using Visual Studion and DirectX 12. These days, the Physics simulators are constantly becoming more complicated.

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DirectX 12 is now being used in Xbox One and Windows 10. Previously the DX12 has been merged with their commander processor of the GPU for a better efficiency. Even, Microsoft already posted a job posting as a Software Engineer for their Direct Physics Team.

As we analyzed, we will expect Direct Physics could become a reality very soon. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.

Google Earth power packed with new features : Now you can access via Chrome and Android

Google earth new update 3d voyager

San Francisco: Google Earth – An earth mapping service from the Web giant Google. The service is now redesigned and available for Android Smartphones and Tablets and in Chrome browser on desktop computers. As of now, it requires a desktop application which you need to download from the Google earth website and install it on your Desktop computer or laptop. And it wasn’t available for the smartphones. And now it is released for the Android platform.

So, What’s new features in Google Earth:

There so many new features which are added in the new Google earth and those are I am feeling lucky option, Voyager option, 3D toggle, etc.. By using “Voyager” option, you can use the guided tours. The “Knowledge Cards” option will give you a simple snapshot about the place that you’re navigating. The “3D” option will make you see the place in virtual reality. And finally, If you are an internet junkie, then you should know the option “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Yes, now they inserted this option into the new updated Google Earth.

Rebecca Moore, Director of Google Earth said, “This is our gift to the world”. And in a Blog post, Gopal Shah – Director of Google Earth said, “With the new Earth, we want to open up different lenses for you to see the world and learn a bit about how it all fits together; to open your mind with new stories while giving you a new perspective on the locations and experiences you cherish”.

Now you can directly go to the Google Earth and able to use the service free of charge. Which means, anyone can now access the Google earth by the Chrome browser in the computer and An app in Android mobile.

Note: Some people are facing an error while accessing in chrome and here is the error that they are getting “Unfortunately your computer does not support WebGL graphics acceleration; Google Earth cannot be loaded. Please try another device.” Keep in touch and we will update you with a fix.

So, What’s your opinion about this new release? share it in the comments section.

Download and Install Dolby ATMOS on Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop (4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1) [How to]

dolby atmos app for android zip

What you think about this Dolby ATMOS audio equalizer for Android 4.3+ mobiles? Any guess? Probably, you can’t know the app. This is an equalizer app that is used in Lenovo Mobiles to enhance the sound experience. This is for the users who felt the audio effects are not fair. You can download and install the app on any of your Android device which is running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 4.4 KitKat, 5.0 Lollipop. You should have the Android 4.3+ on your mobile.

Before installing this app on your mobile, you need to remove any other equalizer app. It is ported from the Lenovo mobile to use it on all other devices. Thanks to the “worstenbrood”, a Xda Developers forum member.

dolby atmos app for android zip

There are many built in options available on your mobile to adjust the sound clarity. Some options give you not much better experience. You may buy a costliest mobile with a high end processor, top screen display. But, If your sound experience is low, then you shouldn’t satisfied with it. HTC is providing dual speakers to increase the sound. But, the quality and clarity matters. LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge devices also come with some new audio options. Sure, you will love this app after installing it on your device.

This will help you to increase the hardware sound clarity with the software process. We already know that the Dolby is most popular software in the audio industry. It is available for Windows and now Android also. But, the app is not available by default to increase the sound clarity and quality. You don’t need to know much more. Download the zip file and install it via recovery.

How to Install Dolby ATMOS Audio R6.5 app on Android Devices running 4.3+ Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop:

  • First download the zip file here.
  • Then move it to your mobile’s SD card storage.
  • Now switch off the mobile and reboot it into recovery mode.
  • They recommend to use TWRP. But, you can use any recovery.
  • Now choose the “Install zip from SD Card” and select the downloaded file to flash the Dolby ATMOS audio Mod.

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Install Dolby Digital Plus Audio Mod On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

If you find any problem while using the app, use the uninstall file to remove it from your device. Do the same above steps to flash the uninstall file. Hope this guide is helped you to get the latest Dolby ATMOS sound on your Android device running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 4.4 KitKat, 5.0+ Lollipop.

Uber tracked Lyft drivers using a secret program “Hell”

uber lyft tracks drivers hell software

New York (AP): It was a tricky one to track the drivers to preserve the security of Uber customers between 2014 to 2016. So, the new software program “Hell” used to track Uber Lyft Drivers in a effective way. There is a report from The Information site says, they can track which drivers are worked for Lyft, Where the Lyft drivers are available and how many of them available too. And it will give a measurement to allot a driver faster than other competitors.

Only a few of the Uber employees knew the secret software “Hell”. A spokesperson for Lyft told to the The Verge: “We are in a competitive industry. However, if true, these allegations are very concerning.” The Uber’s competitive intelligence group (COIN) has developed the tracking software “Hell”. In earlier this year, Uber has stopped the use of Hell software.

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Uber created fake accounts and that is Lyft drivers account and tricked their location to know the data of the drivers to the company that where the lyft drivers available. And they can easily investigate with each and every Uber driver. If they found the Driver is only working for Uber, then they gave some extra bonus to those drivers. And now they are started to use an another tracking software named as “Greyball”. What are your thoughts, share it in the comments section.

Maze Alpha: A Bezel-less Smartphone leaked from China

maze alpha features leaked

China: Maze mobile from China, has introduced a new mobile and the specifications were leaked on Twitter and their official site too. The phone features with bezel less display, which the means outside frame of a phone. Everyone is comparing this phone with the Mi Mix which is having a 6.4 inch display. But this phone is very hot by comparing with the Mi Mix mobile.

The Evan Blass at Twitter has spotted the features on his tweet which gives a detailed picture of this smartphone will be a tough competitor to those big screen mobiles and tablets. And the features of the phone is, 6 inch Full HD display 4 layer protected Gorilla Glass which is the best part of the phone. The phone comes with an octa core processor and the chipset has not yet been leaked. And the camera part is mentioned as Dual rear Sony camera which could be 13 Mega Pixel and the second one is unknown.

This phone is features with a 4000 mAh battery powered to run the smartphone effectively for longer time. Android 7.0 Nougat would be the Operating system of the phone. And this is the latest Android operating system too. Every upcoming phone will be running in the Nougat. Evan Blass stated that, it could be two variants. One is compacted with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of Internal storage. And another is paired with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Internal memory.

Though there is no leak about the price. But, It could be the budget phone. The phone would be the best smartphone under a budget. There are plenty of smartphones available in the market. The Bezel less mobile Maze Alpha’s launch date is not yet released. But, the maze announced that, they will release this phone in April this year. You can sign up on their official site to get the latest updates. Do you have any thoughts about this phone? Share it in the comments section. We are curious to see your thoughts.