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How Mobile App Development is Digitalising the Business Telephone System

These days it’s becoming increasingly important for employees to be able to work and stay productive across multiple locations. Unfortunately the solutions provided for your business needs haven’t always been the most effective, but that looks to be changing now. New apps and technology are being developed to allow employees to make and receive business calls wherever they are, meaning you never have to miss out on business just because you’re not in the office.

The technology in these apps shows your Caller ID as being from your business, which means you and your employees can still achieve a professional business presence. Conveniently the apps can work with both iPhone and Android devices, and all employees will get to be constantly connected to the business telephone system. With solutions like this there is no reason for missed calls from customers or clients anymore.

Business Telephone digitalisation

There are also systems in place which allow you to perform online meetings and conferences in the palm of your hands, as long as you are connected to a smart device. This makes your business tasks much more convenient, and you can set up and join these conferences anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Nowadays it’s becoming far less important to be stuck in an office all day due to having multiple calls to make, as you can simply take your work with you on the road.

If you’re a small business owner and you’ve been using a telephone answering service then these new apps could revolutionise the way that you operate. If a customer calls your number and only speaks to an answering agent then they’ll either be given a pre-determined message, or they’ll just be transferred to you or an employee. This is a waste of time for everyone involved, and it could end up costing your business in the long run.

With dedicated phone systems you don’t need to worry about this. The calls can go straight through to you or your colleagues, wherever you are in the world, and straight away you can tell them what they need to know. Strong customer relationships have been driving sales since the beginning of time, and digital business telephone systems that can reach you wherever you are can make a massive difference to your company’s success. Making the most of these innovative app solutions will give your business the very best chance of staying profitable and productive for the foreseeable future.

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