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Epic LinkedIn Background Image Cover Photos 2016 – Size, Tips and Post features

LinkedIn Background image phot size

The most widely used platform for Corporate to show their updates in Company pages is LinkedIn. And there are tons and tons of new account member is added everyday. The Business Oriented Social Networking site has launched a new feature Background Image Cover Photo that was available on the other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

What you will Get from this guide:

  1. LinkedIn Background Image Cover Photo 2016 – Download
  2. LinkedIn Photo Size
  3. Creating LinkedIn Company Page and Change the Cover Photo

Though, the site was founded in 2002. Still, the professional networking site is doing their business in an effective way. And, need to tell you one thing. Did you know where the LinkedIn’s revenue coming from? It’s coming from selling access to information about its users to the recruiters and sales professionals that they are looking for a candidate who is eligible to work in their company. Source – Wikipedia

LinkedIn Background image phot size

LinkedIn Image Size:

The image sizes of the various types may be differ in future. Current sizes of 2016 is mentioned below. You can just download those size image for your need.

  • LinkedIn Standard Logo dimensions: 100 x 60 px
  • LinkedIn Career Cover Photo dimensions: 974 x 300 px
  • LinkedIn Square Logo dimensions: 150 x 50 px
  • LinkedIn Banner Image dimensions: 646 x 220 px
  • LinkedIn Profile cover photo dimensions: 1400 x 425 px
  • LinkedIn Post Image size: 180 x 110 px

How to Add LinkedIn Cover Photos:

If you are using a free account then follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Move your cursor over the cover photo section.
  3. Click on “Edit Background”. Then click on the upload photo.
  4. Now you can choose the cover photos from your Laptop or Computer.

If you are using a premium account, then follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to your profile by clicking profile icon at the top right corner.
  2. Now choose the “Edit Background” option.
  3. In premium feature, you can choose some pre loaded images or you can upload a new photo.
  4. That’s all.

Check out the following YouTube video to know more about How to change the cover photo and profile image:-

Examples and Tips:

Here are some examples and Photo tips:-

LinkedIn Background Cover Photo Examples Image tipsThe above profile is Jill Rowely, A Keynote speaker and startup advisor. The background image of the profile contains some books. The image is related to a book reader. It shows more knowledge. A social speaker must be a good spoken and well knowledge person. And this is a perfect one for her. The image should represent your career. And it should reach the people who is viewing your profile and company page.

LinkedIn background image examples personal profile premiumThe above profile is Lisa Buyer, A Social Press Release Speaker and an advocate. She is a specialist in Social PR trends, Social PR corporate training and consulting Social media audits, SEO/PR/Brand Consulting, generating positive editorial coverage online and in social media as well as traditional media, interactive PR, online media, SEO/Social PR reviews, optimized content, SEM project manager, SEO strategies, social media strategies, social media networks, Analytics, online reputation management and interactive marketing. Which was described in her profile. She is completely working under the Social media industry. And the cover photo definitely suits her.

Linkedin background image tips examplesThe above profile is Kate Chan, A random profile. She is working in a private sector. And she doesn’t want to show their work related image in her profile. So, she just used a random image which comes under nature category. The image is just blurred and there is no much detail. Which shows a simple and neat profile of her.

From the above examples and in my experience, I would suggest your profile should be neat and clean to show your attitude, work relations, your goal, etc. You can choose an image which suits for your industry or your character. And a good cover image will definitely attract the recruiters too. In the meantime, you will also gain some more followers too.

LinkedIn Background Image Cover Photo – Download

Here I just compiled some images for you to download the images and upload it on your LinkedIn profile or company page. Those images are not copyright protected. You can download and change the picture size without any restrictions. The credits goes to the original designer.

The size of banner is 1400×425. You can manually crop it form your images or download some of them here.

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Business or Professional cover photos for LinkedIn

Maximum number of people using the platform for professional or business use. So, if you are having a professional background image, it would be an added advantage too. Just download any one of the following pictures to upload it on your profile.

Linkedin professional background cover image downloadprofessional development 1400 x 425 background cover image downloadmeeting room professional cover background images for linkedin 1400 425Business cover photo 1400x425 download1400x425 linkedin cover background images download people business professionalYou can simply download the above photos and upload it on your profile. You can google it more to get some attractive images and pictures.

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If you have any doubts, clarification or suggestion, then mention it in the comments area. If you loved this article, then share it on the social media. Keep updated with us by becoming a fan on Facebook, Twitter fan and Google Plus follower. The more you share, the happier we will gain. We hope that, this Best LinkedIn Background Image Cover Photo – Size, Tips and Post feature article helped you.

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