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How to see your liked posts on Instagram Threads

How to view liked posts/videos/photos on instagram threads

Many people among you are probably using the Twitter rival of Instagram Threads, to avoid unexpected changes or due to its user-friendly interface. Now, when you first started using Instagram Threads, you must have noticed that you couldn’t see what you had liked, even though you could just liked posts. Unlike X(formerly Twitter), where you can easily go to your profile to see all your liked posts. And if you think that this feature is missing in the platform, then you’re lucky because it has now been integrated into the Threads app. Let’s explore in this guide how to view your liked posts on Threads.

Instagram Threads provides a streamlined messaging interface that connects you with close friends instantly. Real-time sharing is improved by its automatic status updates that reflect your activity. Visual communication takes the lead, and the camera is available right away. The app promotes direct photo, video, and text sharing while ensuring a private space for chosen friends to communicate. Unlike the main platform, Threads prioritises privacy while excluding metrics for user engagement. Its user-friendly, intuitive design makes it a personalised hub for deep connections. For those looking for a focused, visual, and private way to interact with their inner circle, Threads is the go-to option.

How to View Your Likes on Threads App

Now, it is possible to view your liked posts on Threads and that too in just three simple steps. Among other features, Instagram has included the ability to share your Threads posts via Instagram DMs and add alt text to photos and videos. However, this function is not visible in the app settings. So, let us guide you through the process of viewing your Instagram Thread likes.

  1. After opening the Threads app, tap on the “Profile” icon located in the bottom right corner.
  2. To reach the next settings menu, tap on the “Two Horizontal Lines” icon in the upper right corner.
  3. To view all the posts you have liked on the Threads app so far, select “Your Likes” from the settings menu.

“Your Likes” are displayed in chronological order, just like on X (formerly Twitter), which is a fantastic feature of this capability. Your most recent liked posts are at the top, and as you scroll down, you will see older liked posts.

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Both the Android and iOS apps for Threads follow the same procedures to view your liked posts/videos/photos. So now you have it! You know how to access the liked posts on the Threads app. If you’re having trouble finding your liked option, consider installing the latest version of the app.

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