How to Install Custom Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350

Installing ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350 will help to install Custom ROM’s. Here is a guide to install ClockWorkMod on LG Optimus Me P350.


How to install ClockWorkMod on LG Optimus Me P350:

  • Before installing ClockWorkMod on LG Optimus Me P350, you need to root your phone. Check this – How to root LG Optimus Me P350
  • Then download the ClockWorkMod ROM Manager on Google Play StoreHere
  • Enable USB Debugging – “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
  • Open ROM Manager App in your LG Optimus Me P350

Clockworkmod Rom Manager

  • Click the Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery. This will download the ROM for your phone. So, enable network or wifi. After that, it will ask you to choose your phone model. Just select your phone model.
  • Then ROM will be downloaded. And reboot your phone.

You can get all the news about LG Optimus Me P350 – Here

The ROM Manager will work in rooted devices only. Now you successfully installed ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350.

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  • guest

    Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery ask for a model and the LG Optimus ME P350 is not listed, what shall pick?

    • Choose any of the phone model that related to lg optimus me p350.

      • guest

        Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery has nothing relating to LG Optimus ME P350, only LG esteem, optimus 2x, optimus 3d, optimus v. Will one of these do?

        • Choose “LG Optimus V”. It is similar to the LG Optimus Me P350.

          • Jpjmansilla

            now my phone is bricked!

          • Try to install stock ROM using KDZ Updater tool. This will restore the official ROM. Download the Stock ROM in KDZ format and kdz updater tool then flash it.

          • Alex

            Wow, you’re giving advice to someone when you clearly don’t even know what you’re talking about? Not cool man, if you didn’t know it would work for sure how dare you tell someone “it is similar”, its noobs like you who make this hobby a disaster.

  • What rom is that please Reply !

  • Send me the link of that ROm pls need it badly!

  • HelpeR

    if you can’t root your device using Gingerbreak or SuperOneClick better use

    antdking’s LG p350 toolkit v1.1.1, It’s working for me easy
    1.Enable USB Debugging
    2.Open the program (PC)
    3.type “y” and press enter
    4.if the program ask you phone connected or not press y again
    -make sure have some number and word typed
    5.follow the instruction