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I5 Plus Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch – Review

I5 Plus Smartwatch review photos

If you are searching for a smartwatch that must be fitted in your budget, then go for the I5 Plus Bluetooth 4.0 Watch. The wearable watch is pretty good to handle and the design is very attractive. It has the Bluetooth, Data Sync, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Remote Camera, Call and message Reminding, Sedentary Alerts and Phone Finder. There are many uses in the new I5 Plus Smart Watch. The user opinions are also good. The Smartwatch will be used in all of Android Mobiles and tablets which is running Android 4.3 + and iOS devices which is running iOS 7 +. We have reviewed the item and here are the details of the product.

I5 Plus Smartwatch review photos

I5 Plus Bluetooth 4.0 smartwatch – Review


It comes with a 0.91 inch OLED touch screen. The screen is capable to display 32 characters in the large size font. This will help you to see who is calling you and can read the text messages. The bracelet will vibrate to inform you when you get the new incoming call or Message.

Sync Data

You need a Zeroner app to connect the smartwatch with your mobile. After connected, your device will start to sync the data from your mobile. The time in the smartwatch will be synced from your mobile.

Fitness tracking

You can track your fitness activities such as steps, distance, speed, time and calories to calculate your exercise.

Sleep Monitor

The Sleep monitor option in the I5 Plus Smartwatch will start the monitoring process when the person who is wearing the watch starts to sleep. The process starts automatically and stops when the wearer woke up and walk for a minute. There is an option to notify you to got to bed. And there is wake up alarm also there to vibrate at the morning when you set up the alarm time.

Remote Camera

Now you don’t need a selfie stick to capture with a remote. You can control the mobile camera with your smartwatch. Just place your mobile at a needed position. Then connect the bracelet with your mobile and use the option in the watch to capture the photo.

Call and Message Reminding

When a call or message is coming, there is a notification I5 Plus Smartwatch that you can check it without taking out of your mobile phone.

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Sedentary Alerts

There is an option in the app to make a reminding notification for the sedentary alerts. This will help you when you are working hard for a long time. Just set up the startup time and break time. Then you will get the alert in your smartwatch to take a break from your work. There are some Zeroner Instructions to do it easily.

Find the lost Phone

You can make your phone to ring in your nearest place. Note: it works only in Bluetooth connection available distance.

There are a lot of features in the I5 Plus Bluetooth 4.0 smartwatch. You can buy the smartwatch at GearBest for the price of $24.99. Sometimes you will get offered price too. This is a best affordable smartwatch to track your activities. What you think about the I5 Plus Bluetooth smartwatch, share it in the comments section.

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