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How to increase Facebook fanpage popularity

Popular celebrity entering red carpet

Facebook fan page is the greatest way to promote your business / products online. So, fan page must be attractive and push users to like your page. Without attractiveness of your page you will not get more facebook likes. Here is a simple tips to make your page popular.

Popular celebrity entering red carpet

How to make your facebook page popular:

  • Picture : Post attractive, comment-able pictures. Share that picture on your profile. If your friends likes the photos, it will increse your page impression.
  • Questions : Post some questions about current trending. Because people interested in current trending.
  • Status updates : Post quality and like-able status updates. This will surely make people to like your post.
  • Share page with other sites : Share your fan page with other sites / blogs. This is not an advertisement, just information sharing.

Before posting any contents on Facebook fan page, Status updates, Photos, videos, posts find the quality content and then post it. And also unique one. Because, people always expecting something special.

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