How to create Backlink from Google

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Google is the one of the biggest popular sites in the online world. Getting Backlinks from Top PageRank Sites will help to increase your site’s PageRank.

Google plus icon photos g+

You can create a quality backlink from Google Plus. Yes, google plus is a sub domain ( of So, if you create a backlink from google+, it considered as a backlink from google.

Here is simple steps how I created a backlink from Google plus:

1.Go to

2.Click Edit Profile Button, then you can able to edit the about page.

Google + About

3.In that page, right side bottom you can see Recommended Link. Click the Recommended link.

Google + Recommended Links

4.After that Click Add custom link, then Add your blog url and title then save it.

5.Now Click Done Editing at the top of page.

Now we learnt how to create a backlink from google. You can also do it for your many other blogs.

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  • Free Pagerank 8 oneway backlink from Google. I am going to do this now.

    • May i know what is oneway backlink sidra?

      • Will it be better if my friends also include my site in their g+ links?

  • Mike Peters

    I don’t think your google + page has a PR of 8. Does it?

    • Ya it have the Top Page Rank. And Google Plus is a Sub domain of Google. So, you will get more visibility.