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Womens day 2015 wishes

Happy Women’s Day 2015 Quotes Images, Pictures, Wallpapers free download to post it on Whatsapp Groups, share it on Facebook. I have compiled some simple status updates about Women’s Day 2015 for you.

Happy Women’s day 2015 – Quotes Images, Pictures, Wallpapers free download:

womens day 2015 pictures

  • Intuition, humanity, sensitivity is more in Woman than in man and it is beyond the imagination of man’s ability. Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Malala Yusufzai shown women’s potential and proved that women’s capabilities have no limits.
  • When every woman decides to do specific task, she gives hundred percent contributions without making excuses. That is why; women’s are successful and leading man in most of the fields
  •  A Guess made by women has ability to fall down the accurate decision made by women. Thanks to their thinking and way to deal with any situation.
  • The true and hurting fact is that life of most of the women’s is spent in controlling fate of man.
  • When man and woman are given similar task, the efficiency, reliability of women’s work is much more than man. This is due to inherent sincerity, concentration and dedication qualities of women.womens day 2015 wallpapers free download
  • Women take any role depending on situation and front person; it may be mother, wife, pure friend, sister, boss and much more. In whole day, she does all the works without hesitation and happily. You will not find such patience in any man.
  • Why women’s want the things that man’s have? That is not indeed because they have man itself with them.

Happy Women’s Day 2015 – Quotes Wallpapers, Images, Pictures free download:

  • WOMEN stand for ‘Widest’, ‘Outstanding’, ‘Masterpiece’, ‘Exceptional’, ‘Nice’.
  • The most optimum way to bring change in society is to push women’s to do that change and no else work will be required to do.
  • Women’s are Caring, Loving mothers, Darling and Understanding wife’s, sweet sisters, lovely and innocent daughters. They are full with strength, love, talent, patience, emotions, care taking.Womens day 2015 wishes
  • Man should love woman a lot to get happy; but women must understand man to achieve the same.
  • Showering love and taking care of relatives are the two qualities which a woman carries from birth.
  • You are the one whose qualities, work gives inspiration to me to wake up and do special. Thanks for being my idol and supportive.
  • Wishing you a day which is same like you………..sweet, outstanding, extraordinary! Happy Women’s Day 2015
  • You can get her love in the form of sister, Mother, Beloved wife, Daughter, grandmother or maybe from mother of world like Mother Teresa. So, respect each and every woman in the world and let’s make a peaceful world beyond the imagination. A beautiful and happy women’s day!
  • A charming Women need not to follow the crowd. On the other hand, she herself is a crowd! Happy Women’s Day
  • Every house, every feeling, every happiness, every moment of life and even the whole world is not possible without you…the extraordinary ‘women’! Thanks to every women who sacrificed for me and love you a lot.womens day 2015 image
  • Feel special, unique, happy and on the top of the world. This entire world is running only because of your patience and love. The Day is totally yours women’s. Salute to your unbelievable qualities!

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