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Keeping your GoPro Footage Silky Smooth with Gimbals

Gimbals testing for go pro cameras

With the falling prices of digital cameras, the advent of GoPro cameras and accessories has made capturing beautiful footage really easy even when you are on an unfriendly budget. Today, you can easily and safely take your GoPro camera anywhere and film in all manner of situations. Not only that, you can now do it like a pro!

However, creating high quality videos has remained a big challenge—the issue of shakiness, for instance, has been every cameraman’s concern. This is predominantly an issue where there is a lot of motion such as when you are shooting active or extreme sports. Nonetheless, there is a solution: whether shooting on a DSLR, a large cinema camera, or even using your smartphone, there are tools that you can use to stabilize your video footage so that it comes out silky smooth and steady.

Handheld Gimbal

The best and most widely available tool you can use today for keeping your GoPro footage silky smooth is a Handheld Gimbal. By far, this is the most popular gimbal available by virtue of the fact that it has been in use for much longer. The handheld gimbal makes it possible to hold your digital camera more like a selfie-stick. However, you will not need to point the camera at yourself, unless you intentionally want to. This facilitates shooting of high quality footage that was (initially) only possible with rails.

Gimbals utilize an assortment of complicated stabilizing electronics that includes motors, sensors, and dynamics to cancel out all manner of unwanted movements your GoPro camera might encounter as you shift around. The majority of Gimbals come with 2 or 3 different axes set around your camera.

It is the sensors that detect any motion on your camera’s axes; the motors work to counteract it and bring stability. Any sudden jolts and bumps basically get cancelled out by your gimbal, effectively taking your video footage to a pro-like level.

Sybrillo – Versatile GoPro Accessory

Sybrillo was ideally the premier smart GoPro accessory available if you wanted more stable videos. It makes your footage look awesome by giving you professional-level capabilities. It makes shooting extreme sports less tricky. Sybrillo packs several powerful features — and some you would never have dreamed of:

  • Gyroscopic stability to your GoPro
  • Using their proprietary app, you can remotely control Sybrillo via your smartphone.

 Slick Stabilizer Gimbal

This innovative action camera stabilizer gimbal is compatible with GoPro. It allows you to capture clear footage hands-free. This is the first waterproof gimbal in the world, coming with 3 embedded waterproof motors, making it a darling of any water sports enthusiast. With the Slick Stabilizer Gimbal, you will not have to worry about the possibility of ruining your priceless gear when shooting in the rain.

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The Feiyu G5 Gimbal

Up to just a couple of years ago, the crop of gimbals that were available for action cameras have, to a large extent, been the handheld type.  You would have to take your GoPro and physically attach it to essentially what was an oversized selfie-stick.  This didn’t offer you any help in case you wanted to participate in some sporting event where you cannot hold a camera out in front of you, such as mountain biking.

In August, Feiyu Tech released Feiyu G5 gimbal. This is a wearable version of their handheld gimbal line-up.  The wearable gimbal is simply attached to any GoPro mount such as your chest strap, helmet, or pole. You will get the same level of high quality footage stabilization as with a handheld gimbal.

The wearable Feiyu G5 gimbal is certainly a very pretty cool gadget. No doubt, over time, the size will continue to shrink as more competitors enter the GoPro camera accessories market.  For now, it’s perhaps the only available option among the many on the market that can actually be worn. Certainly, you will have more confidence in this item for it comes from a reputable company known for quality products—Feiyu.

Bottom Line

Gimbals are typically very easy to set up on your digital camera. Essentially, you just download the version of the firmware you want to use, have it connected to your GoPro (or indeed any other device you may want to use), and you are set to shoot incredibly smooth imagery and videos. Of course, don’t forget that if you want to become a true pro photographer, mastering and implementing all the right body movements will greatly boost what you can achieve with your latest equipment.

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