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How To Forward Calls & SMS To Other Number on Any Android devices

Forward calls and messages in android

Forwarding calls is not a new concept, We all are very well aware of it. When you are are not in a state to answer your calls and SMS you forward or transfer them to someone’s else number to avoid disturbance. People using call forwarding frequently is very rear these days, people are aware of call forwarding, but they’re not enthusiastic about it as they should be.

When in Mid 2000s Apple and Android changed the mobile world for all good reasons, People were introduced to things which were actually impossible ever before. But this feature of call forwarding was very easily applicable in feature phones, which were used commonly before Android and Apple took over. Interestingly, all forwarding is also very easy to apply in Android, but it is hidden deep inside which we need to pull out.

Forward calls and messages in androidSo guys today you’re going to learn that call forwarding from your Android phone. Below I have mentioned all the steps you need to follow to do so.

Steps to do call forwarding on any Android smartphone:

Method: 1

    1. First of all, you need to click on “phone” icon your Android phone.
    2. Now, click on “Hamburger” option (Context menu) and then option called setting will appear, click on that too.
    3. Now, you have to click on “Call settings”.
    4. Down below on the next page which will appear there should be an option called “Call Forwarding”.
    5. Once you click on that option, be patient because your phone will take some time to retrieve as it a takes time to reach to your telecom operator.
    6. Once the other page is opened, You’ll see different options of call forwarding like forward calls when your phone is out of range, and forward calls when you’re busy and forward calls when your phone is switched off.
    7. You have to do the needful settings do make this thing happen. The option for the number in which you want to forward all the calls will also appear.

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Method: 2

Call forwarding using Applications:

Apart from the traditional method call forwarding can also be done by using some interesting Applications. Below I have mentioned step by step explanation to do the process –

      1. First of all, open Google Playstore in your Android phone.
      2. Read this carefully you need to search “Simple call forwarding“, nothing less or more then that or you’ll end up with messing the search results.Direct Download Link
      3. Then click on the correct entry option of the App.
      4. Click on purchase price and then click on option “Accept” and “download”.
      5. Once the Application is installed, open it, and you’ll see the configuration page.

Then you’ll see options called Choose a carrier and forwarding phone number. In choosing a carrier option you have to select your phone, From your phone I mean to say the source phone and in the forwarding number option you need to feed the number in which you want to forward the number.

When both of the things are done. tap on save and start to begin the process All your calls would be forwarded to the other number.

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SMS forwarding:

Apart from calls, SMS forwarding is also possible. You need to follow below mentioned steps to do so.

      1. First of all, open Google Playstore in your Android phone.
      2. Read this carefully you need to search “SMS forwarding
      3. Then click on the correct entry option of the App. Direct Download Link
      4. Click on option “Accept” and “download”.

Once it’s one to install the Application the option will appear would be like Enable forwarding, Forward with SMS, Destination number. Just tap on Enable forwarding, same goes for Forwarding with SMS, and in the option Destination number you have to feed the number in which you need to forward your SMS.

Both of the methods are easy and efficient to forward calls and SMS.

Ending the Article

As I mentioned before all the mentioned methods above are completely working and very easy to Apply. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. Most important thing is patience so you can pull out the process. Retrieving the phone at the time of installing setting can be bit confusing but, that’s where it becomes interesting. Having said that, I’m sorry to say, but these methods aren’t applicable in Apple or Windows.

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