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FlashFire – Download apk and Install on your Android

download flashfire

FlashFire is now available to download APK and install it on your Android mobile and tablets. It is quoted as the spiritual successor to Mobile ODIN. The FlashFire App is currently in beta testing process. The developer of the app Chainfire, who is previously released the SuperSU, Mobile ODIN and CF – Auto root. Those tools are biggest success in Android industry. Now they released this tool to make the ROM installation process easy. Even you can also install OTA (Over The Air) update using this tool.

download flashfire

Flashfire overcomes the Mobile ODIN features. The Mobile Odin is also released by the Chainfire. Mobile Odin is an app that helps to flash stock firmware, install kernels, custom recoveries. You can also do these processes via ODIN software from Computer while connecting your device.

Now you can easily install the ROM files without opening the Recovery by using Chainfire. Download Mode is also available in this app. So, you don’t need to switch off the device and again open those download mode or recovery mode.


2015.04.13 – v0.15 – BETA
– Improved logging
– Improved startup procedure
– Fixed an issue where backup of some files were represented as an error
– Fixed a number of compatibility issues with latest Exynos (SGS6)
– Fixed USB drive support on stock Motorola
– Lowered default compression level and threads to reduce backup time and CPU usage (not yet user configurable)

2015.04.09 – v0.14 – BETA
– Fixed some black screen issues

2015.04.08 – v0.13 – BETA
– Fixed issue with log not being saved to internal storage
– Fixed issue with slow internal storage detection
– Fixed issue with error detection delaying reboot
– Fixed misaligned wordwrap
– AROMA compatibility (only if framebuffer device available)
– External storage and USB storage support

2015-04-08 – v0.12 – BETA
– Auto backup renaming improved
– TWRP restore ZIP added to backups
– Force grow ramdisk

2015-04-07 – v0.11 – BETA
– Initial release

How to Download FlashFire Apk and Install on Android device:

The app is not available to all people. There are some process you need to do before download.

  • The developer requires you to join the FlashFire Goolge Plus community. So, join here.
  • After opening the page, click on Join community.
  • Now you can go to the Google Play Store and download the App officially – here.

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You are now in a tester mode. Soon they will release the stable version in Google Play store to download directly to your android mobile. Hope this guide helped you a lot. If you face any kind of problems, share your thoughts in comment section. We will give you the exact solution for your problem. Now you have successfully learned How to Download FlashFire Apk and Install on Android device.

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