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Fix OnePlus One issues after CM12 update

Fix OnePlus One problems in CM12s update

OnePlus One with its extravagant features has come up with a bang in the market, smacking down all the other under budget smartphone players. Easy on the pocketbook, this phone has caught eyes of the millions, despite some problems that users face when updating its OS to Android 5.1 Lollipop CM12 or COS 12.

Well, Relax! We have some good news for you. Read on to get the potential solutions to fix the much anticipated bugs with the ‘OnePlus One’ phone.

Fix OnePlus One problems in CM12s updateHow to Fix OnePlus One Problems in CM12 Lollipop update:

Battery Problem:

Even though OnePlus One is powered by 3100mAh battery many users have been facing the issue of reduced battery life and are not satisfied with its performance.

Solution to boost Battery performance:

  • Decrease battery consumption by reducing the backlight in your OnePlus One phone by dropping the screen sleep time. Go to Settings > Display and Lights > Sleep.
  • Bluetooth, WI-Fi or Cellular data hog a lot of battery. CyanogenMod OS in OnePlus One handset has a feature that lets you build custom profile to be applied from the Power Menu. Use this feature to disable these battery consuming apps when battery is less.
  • Turn on the Power saver mode to boost the battery performance. Go to Settings > Performance > Profile.
  • ‘Force stop’ all the apps that are running at the backend that exhaust the battery life.

Haphazard Reboots:

Some customers have drawn attention on the problem of random reboots in OnePlus One handset; the phone reboots without any reason and shuts off the handset repeatedly.


  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and check if this can make any alteration. Sometimes Wi-Fi when is left on, it is likely to cause some troubles.
  • Uninstall some of the apps one by one to verify any corrupt data inside the app; which can be the reason for this accidental reboots.
  • Try Factory Reset once. Later, reinstall the required apps one by one to ensure which app prompts the reboot and then try to fix that app with its updated version.

Wi-Fi connectivity issue:

A good number of the CM12 users have reported the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. An incorrect data is sent to the DHCP servers, due to which even though you are linked to a router, you still get an invalid IP address and are unable to find the connection in the handset.

Solution – To fix this issue you have to flash this file in recovery on your OnePlus One Phone after CM12 update.

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Sim Card detection issue:

Yet another problem with this OnePlus One handset is the sim card detection as it is unable to detect sim card at times. However, this issue can be solved by going to Settings > Security > set RUIM/SIM card lock.

CM12 Theme issues:

CM12 update in OnePlus One handset has some theme issues. The themes are unattractive with ugly icons. Even Dial Number and Contacts also not visible to some people. This can be fixed by going to Settings > Theme > System > Apply. You can even fix the keyboard issue in Cyanogen OS 12. Go to Settings > Language & input > Android Keyboard > Appearance & Layouts > Themes > Select.

No Network problem and ‘Emergency Calls Only’ displays:

Sometimes you get the network signal but, you can’t access data connection. At that time, go to Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Name > select your carrier. This will fix your data connection problem on your OnePlus One CM12 update.

Then you may get signal coverage problem, now fix it by go to Settings > Mobile Network > Network Operator > select your carrier.

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Here you go! These solutions will easily help you fix some bugs in your OnePlus One handset, so that you can make the best out of your fabulous handset.

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