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How to Open Fastboot Mode in Motorola Moto E

Moto E Fastboot Mode

Fastboot Mode in Moto E will help you to make some Operating System File alterations. You can use the Fastboot mode to unlock Bootloader, Install Stock ROM’s, Rooting, etc, on your Motorola Moto E. If you don’t know, fastboot or bootloader mode is a hidden menu option that is featured on your mobile. Fastboot is a kind of booting option will help you to do some process at the booting. We have compiled a step by step guide for you to easily done it. It will help you to tweak your phone easily. Before going to proceed this guide, you must learn basic things about the Android Operating System. It will help you to understand the procedures.

Moto E Fastboot Mode


  • We are not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this tutorial. If any problem happens that related to installing, we will help you to solve it.
  • Use this guide at your own risk. We shall not have any liability or responsibility for whatever happens to you and your device by using the instructions in this guide.
  • The instructions provided in this tutorial for educational purpose only. There is no guarantee that these steps will work for your device.
  • The steps given in this tutorial is only to use with Motorola Moto E. Applying this guide to any other device or any other model may produce many problems.
  • Read and Understand the whole tutorial first, before going to perform the steps.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode in Moto E:

  • Switch off the device.
  • Then Press and Hold the “Power + Volume Down” buttons together.
  • You need to hold it for about 6 seconds un till it opens.
  • After that it will move on to the Fastboot page.
  • Once you get the page, then release the keys.
  • You can use Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to scroll within the menu. And Power button to select the option.

Do it by App:

  • It will surely help you. But, your phone should be rooted. Because this app need a root access.
  • Download the Quick Boot (Reboot) app from Google Play Store – here
  • Then open it on your installed apps.
  • Grant the root access if it asks.
  • Then choose the “Bootloader” option to open.
  • And confirm it.

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You done it easily! You have successfully entered to it. If you face any kind of problem, trouble or have any issue that may be difficult to understand how to do it with this guide, then don’t hesitate to inform us. Do share in comment section in case if you face any problems or met any errors in firmware update process. Your problems, suggestions or any other issues will be clarified and the correct answer or solution for your problem will be given to your comment as soon as possible.

In future, we will update installing Custom ROM’s on your mobile. So, stay updated with us by subscribing our newsletters, Facebook fan, Twitter follower, And Google Plus page. Now you have successfully learned how to enter Fastboot Mode in Motorola Moto E.

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