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How to download Paid Android Apps for Free

Android Market(Google Play Store) has many applications(apk’s). In that apps, there are many free apps and Paid Apps also. Developers are mostly used the free apps to earn money via ads that appears in it. Paid apps have no ads and much advanced options than free apps. So, Here is a guide for how to download paid android apk’s for free:


How to Download/Install Paid Android Apps for Free:

  • First Get the name of the paid app that you want to download and install on your android mobile.
  • Go to Google and type the name with Mediafire.
  • Example: apk name mediafire or apk name apktop


  • Now Google will search the app that uploaded in mediafire or apktop and display the results.


  • Then you will get the paid app that uploaded in mediafire or apktop.
  • Just go to the download page and download that app/apk.

How to install android app in android phone downloaded in PC or Laptop:

  • Transfer the downloaded file to your mobile via Mass Storage mode or PC Suite.
  • Open the transferred file in mobile with file manager like ES File manager, Astro File manager, etc.
  • The apk will begin to install. Wait for the finishing stage of the installation.
  • Open the icon in your mobile to use that app.

The downloaded paid app will affect your mobile with virus or Malware. We are not responsible for this kind of problem. So please stay from safe side.

Now you successfully learnt how to download and Install the paid android app / apk for free. You can try to download the paid android app and enjoy it.

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