How to Download Android Apps to PC from Google Play Store

Download Android Apk Apps to PC from Google Play Store is now made easy. Sometime you lost your network connection in your Android powered mobile or tablets. At that time you can download the apk apps from Google Play store and transfer it from Computer. An Extension named as APK Downloader for Google Chrome will help you to do that. This guide is for Google Chrome only. APK downloader also help you to download the applications from Google Play store without login in your gmail account.

APK Downloader to download Android Apps

How to download Android Apps to PC from Google Play Store:

  • Download the APK Downloader Google Chrome Extension – Here
  • Then go to APK Options to setup Email, password and Device ID.

APK Downloader options page

  • You will see an error “You must disable SSL error warnings in able to use this extension“.
  • To solve this, Right click on Google Chrome shortcut select “Properties

Google Chrom SSl Error apk downloader

  • In “Target” field enter the text after the “chrome.exe”.
  • chrome.exe -ignore-certificate-errors –allow-running-insecure-content
  • Then click “OK
  • After that, you need to find your Android mobile or Tablet’s Device ID.
  • In your Phone Launch GTalk Service Monitor. To Do, Open dialer and type *#*#8255#*#*. Scroll down and identify the Device ID label.

GTalk Service Monitor to find device id on Apk downloader

  • After the “android-” 16 digit character is that you want to enter in device id field.
  • Open Apk downloader option page and enter email id that you used in your phone, password and device id.
  • Then click “Login
  • Then choose your “Country and SIM operator” and click “Save Settings“.
  • Then go to the app page in Google play store that you want to download.

APK downloader google chrome extension for download android apps from Google play store

  • Then you will see the APK Downloader Icon in URL field. Click the icon to download.

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Now you successfully learnt how to download Android Apps from Google Play store (Android Market) with APK Downloader Google Chrome Extension.

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