How to Disable Facebook Timeline in Chrome with Timeline Remove Extension

Facebook Timeline feature is pretty looking good. But, some people don’t like the new layout. Here is a guide to remove timeline on Google chrome with timeline remove extension:

Facebook Chrome Browser

How to remove Timeline Profile on Google Chrome with Remove Timeline Extension:

  • Just go to the following link - Timeline Remove Extension
  • Then Download the Extension with your chrome browser.
  • After that it will ask a permission. Just Click Continue Button.

Google Chrome Extension

  • After the download finished, It will ask you Add “TimelineRemove”?.

add timeline remove google chrome

  • Just click the Add button. Then it will add the extension to your Google chrome browser.
  • After that restart your Google chrome browser. Then open the Facebook and see the Timeline has removed while viewing with your Google Chrome Browser.

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Removing Timeline on Facebook using this trick permanently not deleted. Your friends can see your profile with the Timeline layout. This is only for your Google chrome browser.

Now we successfully learnt how to disable Facebook Timeline profile on Google Chrome with Timeline Remove Extension.

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