How to Disable Facebook Timeline on Google Chrome

Facebook Chrome Browser

Facebook Timeline profile is now rolled out officially to all facebook accounts. So, there is a no option available to get back old facebook profile. Here is a trick to get the old Facebook profile in Google Chrome Browser.

Facebook Chrome Browser

How to Delete Facebook Timeline Profile on Google Chrome Browser:

  • Just Right Click on the Google Chrome Desktop icon and Go to Properties option.
  • On Properties window in Shortcut tab find the Target text field.
  • Type the Following code on Target Box

For Windows Vista/ Windows 7  : –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)”

For Windows XP : –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)”

Type the above code after the chrome.exe in the text field.

Google Chrome Properties Screenshot

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Note: If the above Trick is not working on your computer try this – How to Disable Facebook Timeline in Chrome with Timeline Remove Extension

Now we successfully learned how to disable / deactivate / delete facebook timeline on Google chrome browser.

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  • hmmmm

    how do you disable this kind of trick?

    • Just remove the code that added in the target field in properties window.

    • You may want to create a second Chrome shortcut and use the modification,so you have the original (unchanged) shortcut still available so you can choose which one to use.

  • Xxclusive016

    that shyt is wrong . dont work for shyt !

  • Zoozoo

    its showing error that this path does not exist

  • Abigaelgicana

    its not working

  • Fabulousvishakes90

    how can i fix it disable timeline from my mac apple?

  • venise

    This shit doesn’t work!

  • Rafael

    this is just shit it dont work

  • Eamon Fearon

    To Get Rid Of The Facebook Timeline This Is What You Need

    do this to get rid of the timeline for good right you have to be using google chrome for it to work right on the top right of page click the wee spanner scroll down to settings click when your in the setting scroll down to Extensions click it it should either say Get More Extension Or Oh No You Have No Extensions Browse Gallery which ever one you see click it and you will be taken to a new page on the top left side of the page there will be a searchbox type in it Timeline Remove choose the very first one that comes up click were it say Add To Chrome a small box will pop up asking you to confirm it click yes you will be taken to a page with a load off writing when you see that it means the timeline is gone go back to your profile refresh your page and there you have Timeline GONE..YOU must be on GOOGLE CHROME for it 2 wrk

  • god

    motherfocker dont waste my fucking time

  • Craig

    I tryed, and it kinda worked… i see no timeline, but my friends do… how do I disable this app, so I can see timeline in my profile again?!

    • Just remove the code that you entered in target field.