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How to Create Your Own Facebook Chat Smiley

Smileyti me photos

Facebook has provided an option to insert smiley on Chat. But, they don’t allow to insert your picture. Here is a guide to insert any picture in Facebook chat like smiley.

Smileyti me photos

How to Create Smiley with Your Picture and Insert into Facebook Chat:

  • Just go to the Smileyti
  • And you will see the options

Smileyti me Creating Smiley Photos

  • In Upload box, click the Browse or Choose File Button. Then choose the Image that you want to make it as smiley.
  • Then Enter the Captcha.
  • And Click Upload Now Button.
  • Then it will display a message, “Uploading. Please be patient, it may take several minutes.”
  • After a few seconds it will display the code for your picture.

Smileyti me Smiley code photos

  • Sometimes it will ask you to like their page. Just click the Get the code button.
  • After that copy that code and paste it on Facebook Chat

Smileyti me chat photos

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Now we successfully learnt how to create a smiley with your own picture. You just try the smileyti to insert different smiley.



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