How to Create Your Own Facebook Chat Smiley

Facebook has provided an option to insert smiley on Chat. But, they don’t allow to insert your picture. Here is a guide to insert any picture in Facebook chat like smiley.

Smileyti me photos

How to Create Smiley with Your Picture and Insert into Facebook Chat:

  • Just go to the Smileyti
  • And you will see the options

Smileyti me Creating Smiley Photos

  • In Upload box, click the Browse or Choose File Button. Then choose the Image that you want to make it as smiley.
  • Then Enter the Captcha.
  • And Click Upload Now Button.
  • Then it will display a message, “Uploading. Please be patient, it may take several minutes.”
  • After a few seconds it will display the code for your picture.

Smileyti me Smiley code photos

  • Sometimes it will ask you to like their page. Just click the Get the code button.
  • After that copy that code and paste it on Facebook Chat

Smileyti me chat photos

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Now we successfully learnt how to create a smiley with your own picture. You just try the smileyti to insert different smiley.

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