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How I made $420 from the Champcash App in 35 days by just sharing it!

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This is the case study of the Making money via the Champcash app by just sharing my link on the social media. It’s very easy to make money with the Champcash app referral program. You can use your Facebook profile to share it and get more revenue from it.

I have spent a good amount of time to experiment with this. And You can also do it easily. I learned many new things and today I am going to share that everything.

What You Will Learn

  • The full report of How I made $420 from the Champcash App.
  • How to Create a Champcash Account
  • How to get revenue from your Facebook Friends
  • How to get revenue from your Whatsapp Friends

Getting Started With Champcash App

Some people don’t know about the app. So, there are some things you have to get started with the Champcash App.

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I will guide you to understand each and every step that I used to make money from it.

  1. What is Champcash?
  2. How to Sign Up?
  3. How much You will earn?
  4. How it works?

First, you need to learn the things that I mentioned above. Then you can start making money with the Champcash.

Here is a simple description about the app. Champcash is an Android and iOS app that works as a revenue sharing program. That means, When a user installs the app via your referral link, you will get a commission. Not only from the single person. When your referred person, makes a user to install the app via their referral link, You will also get a commission. You will get up to 7 levels of the referral.

Check my old post about the complete guide – Champcash – Earn Unlimited money by installing Apps and Refer

How to Use Champcash App?

It’s very simple as like as normal Android app. Just download the Champcash App and sign up. Everyone can join the program. No restrictions, No fee to join. It’s completely Free.

Then Complete the given Challenge. The challenge is, you need to download and install some apps from the champ cash app. (nearly 8-10 apps). Don’t uninstall the app until you complete the whole challenge. If you do, then you have to reinstall those apps again.

Then you will be able to start making money from the app. You will get a message that you are now eligible for the program (after completing the challenge). Then you will get a referral code (Mine is 41213). And you will get a $1 balance in your wallet. Now just share the link to your friends.

How I Generated $420 from the Champcash App in 35 days with just sharing it!

Let’s come to my success story. I didn’t buy any advertising packages like Google Adsense or Facebook Advertising. I used all the free sources. Here is what I did.

Step one: Share it with your Whatsapp friends

The best and easiest way is to share in Whatsapp. Hope everyone has the Whatsapp app. It’s the widely used messaging app. So, what I had did was, Created a New broadcast. For that, Open WhatsApp > tap options button > New Broadcast. Then select all of your contacts. And paste the referral link with some requesting quotes.

Whatsapp Champcash app

My example:-

Hey! I just found a new app that, will you earn money by installing apps and sharing it with your friends.

Here is the link

Then quickly you will get a response from your friends about the app. Just answer them politely. Because they are now your customers.

If you have many Groups, then you are the king now. Share it with all your groups. Sometimes you don’t have a contact number in the group. That person might don’t have any connection with you. When you share it with a group, everyone gets notified about the message.

Note: Not every person will install the app. But, the conversion rate should be pretty much high.

Step Two: Share it with your Facebook friends

Facebook is another platform that I used it for higher results. You can get many referrals from the Facebook.

First, I just shared it in my status update. And It gave some referrals. I tagged some of my friends in the status. So that they will get a notification and their friends of friends also gets a timeline update. By commenting on the status update, also mentioned some other friends too.

Whatever it is, your status update doesn’t reach all of your friends. So, I spent some time to find a new way to reach many people in Facebook.

At the end, I found a good solution – Facebook Groups. Yes, Facebook groups are the best one to reach a huge number of people. Because, Whenever you post an update in a group, it will reach many people in the group.

Then I started working to share it with some groups. For that I joined many new groups. Those community groups are having huge number of members like more than 100,000. I just used the Facebook search option to find the new groups. Search with your keyword what you like.

Champcash Facebook group sharing

My example:-

I used some keywords like “Mumbai Teens, Android app lovers, California news, Camera World, etc.,”.

Then shared with some attractive status like “Download this app and make money for free by sharing this app with others. As a new sign up, you will get $1 absolutely free. You can use that for Recharge your mobile or transfer it to your Bank Account”.

If you use images in the post, then you will get a higher response.

Try to use your region related keyword to find the group that related to your language. It will give you more success rate.

Download the Champcash app for free – here.

My Champcash Success story

At the end, I got many new joiners. Then my wallet balance also increased very well. Then, the new joiners worked very hard to earn money for them. It also gave a huge bucks into my wallet. And at the end of the 35th day my Balance is $420.33. Then I used it to transfer it to my bank account. You can also use the wallet to do recharge or buy products online.

Champcash Screenshot

Now I am not sharing anything to my Whatsapp Contacts and Facebook. It automatically generates money whenever my joiners gets new referrals.

Now share your thoughts about the Champcash app in the comments section. If you have any other method, share it too. That will help others to make money.



  1. syed

    August 30, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    1. Install champcash app from playstore.
    2. Signup,DOB,Phone number fill & press proceed. ..
    3. Insert Refer id of sponsor-ID 5784767

    4. According to audio Complete the challenge & start .
    5. Install, open and register in the apps there’s introduction. .

  2. Ranjeet Navale

    March 22, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    Thanks for very good & helpful information. I am also struggling for built-up my network. I will definitely going to implement this tips. My Sponsor ID is 13284099.
    Thanks again sir.

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