The Best LG Phones to Buy in 2017

best lg mobiles in 2017

Popularity of LG phones might not be the same as the Korean Samsung which has gained marketing niche in the global market. Dive into the catalogue of LG phones and you will discover tremendous features of LG smartphone. LG was the first phone to introduce 3D screen and modular technology. Additionally, they also provided a second screen for messaging.  The knowledge of this phones have been subdued by other android makes that blind the customers on their features.

Withal, LG brands are high quality and contain features that fit the current needs in the phone industry.  With the increased technological awareness, people are seeking to invest in a good phone which can perform an array of functionalities. Selecting the best make of LG phone is not easy due to increased cases of fake gadgets in the market. You can purchase quality phones with best features using discount coupons available at OZCodes.  At 2017, you can buy a pretty range of LG phones covering all budgets. We provide a list of best LG phones.


This is the first big phone launched in the year 2017. The flagship of this phone has been appreciated by the customers due to friendly experience. It is 5.1 inch offering QHD+ visual, hence providing excellent display. It is therefore ideal for watching movies while someone is in motion. With the support of Dolby Vision HDR, the user is guaranteed of gorgeous displays. Moreover, the device has huge storage capacity, which is expandable depending on the needs of the user. Interestingly, it is fully water resistant, which makes it more ideal. Also, it provides flexible camera features which can be adjusted to suit the environment.


Although LG G5 has been in the market for long compared to LG G6, it is still ideal for performing major technological functions. It is still known for modular and its capability to replace the battery. Its dual lens camera is still powerful since it provides gorgeous images. It is powered by snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 5.3 inch screen. Notably the battery has a capacity of 2800mAh. The device cost an estimate of $300, which is almost half price of its predecessor.


This is an affordable LG device that offers pleasing experience. It has a 4.5 inch screen and is a good choice for replacing secondary gadgets. Otherwise, it is appropriate for people who are particularly not demanding. It is not recommended for media activities such as gaming, but its display and good camera makes it still usable. Another point of consideration is its affordability. It has a storage capacity of 8GB and 1GB RAM.


This is an affordable phone going for about $99. It rivals other budget blowing gadget in the market. If you are looking for a dependable secondary phone then this model is recommended. Apart from smooth experience, it provides nice snaps. The hardy design enables it to survive regular accidental falls. It has 5 inch screen, 1.5GB RAM and storage capacity of 8GG. Further, it has a processor running in Marshmallow operating system.

LG X power 2

If you want a phone for watching movies but cannot afford high spec phones such as LG G6, then X Power 2 is an option. With a 5.5 inch HD screen, it provides homely experience while enjoying movies and other entertainment options. It has a rather huge capacitybattery of 4500mAh, which provide a full day streaming when fully charged.It runs on Octa-core processor and contains 1.5GB RAM as well as 26GB storage capacity.

LG K10

LG launched K series gadgets in the market towards the end of year 2016. K 10 has penetrated the market with force and it is recognized for its affordability. It offers 1.5 inch HD screen and a 13mega pixel camera and other reasonable specs that suit its price. K series have been defined by their cheap prices. Budgeting for LG K10 is not pocket pinching. It has a 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of 32GB.

So there you have a roundup of the best LG phones to buy in 2017. Avoid mislead from the retailers but do your purchases from trusted where you get quality and efficient gadgets.

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