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The Many Attributes of Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management

With the many interlocking systems used by most businesses today, you need a sort of “overseer” that’s capable of keeping tabs on all of them, and reporting issues before they become a real problem and cost you money. Performance is everything; especially when all of your competitors realize the same thing and go to similar lengths to incorporate APM into their own offices.

Given what you’re up against, you want the best APM solution to give you an edge over the others; this is where Stackify comes into play with Retrace. Retrace is capable of pinpointing the nexus of your interactions, and delivering analytics information to system administrators to help them determine the optimal changes.

What Are Some of the Features of Retrace and other APMs

As an APM system, Retrace has a comprehensive set of application location tools. Think of an extensive RAID configuration for a hard drive; if it’s enterprise level, then you’d have a lot of trouble locating a single, specific hard drive in the electronic forest.

Retrace has the ability to locate all of the services your IT infrastructure is using – whether they’re web-based or standalone background service apps. Afterwards, it provides you with the ability to structure them in any way you please, and to restrict access to system administrators if you so wish. Furthermore, compatibility is almost never an issue because of the wide range of support it offers to:

  • AWS Libraries
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Mongodb, elasticsearch and other NoSQL paradigms
  • A solid range of SQL databases
  • Java and .Net Frameworks, for starters

As you might have guessed, the built-in analytics allows this application performance management software to pinpoint the component that’s dragging the rest of your system down and costing you time, energy and money. Before APM software, you would spend hours and perhaps days identifying whether the culprit was an HTTP web service, an SQL (mis)statement or a caching problem with memcached or Redis. No longer; Retrace does all of this with record speed.

Tracing Errors at the Code Level

The APM software Retrace is a developer’s dream because of the sheer depth of investigation possible. Not only does it pinpoint errors in the code, but it also opens the doorway to code optimization as a result. It corrects the problem, and gives developers the information necessary to fix it and make it even better than it was.

Some of the errors that it can trace include SQL queries, Log exceptions and queries, and context information in web requests. The software collects more information than the nearest competitor, arming your technical staff with the tools necessary to forge ahead with even better tools of optimization.

A few levels higher up, where the relatively non-technical admins reside, Retrace can be employed to keep tabs on the performance of your applications and especially important transactions – you don’t need to get down to the code-level for everything. The pertinent ones are often referred to in business operation parlance as “mission critical.” Once you set the APM software to monitor these at all times, you’ll be armed with a robust first-level solution. With its cloud compatibility, you do not have to face any restrictions on your applications that are delivered in the virtual space.

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