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Update your Android Apps Quickly with App Update Notifier

App update notifier screenshot photos

App Update Notifier for Android Application is created to notify about new updates for your android apps. This app is doing the same thing that Google Play store notifies about new updates of your installed applications. But, it will display the update of other android apps that you got it from other third party market or app store.

While using so many applications on our Android device, we need to update it to latest Android versions. Because, the new versions have comes with some new options, Bugs cleared, and some advanced options too. We can easily aware when an App that notifies us the particular other app is having new updates.

App update notifier screenshot photos

It have an another option that is background service. You can automatically gets notification when you connected to Internet. If you didn’t activate the option in the option, you manually go to app and check for updates. It is the best Google Play store notifier alternative one.

How to Use App Update Notifier Android Application:

  • First Download and install the App Update Notifier from Google Play Store – Here
  • Then search for the app in your applications list.
  • After that open it on your phone.
  • Now you need to check the updates manually. For that, touch the icon on the first screen. It will check the new updates for all of your apps.
  • Then after the completion, it will show which apps are having updates and which are have the latest versions.
  • Then you can update the particular app via Google Play Store or get it from other application market.
  • You can use background service to show the updates automatically via notification. For that tap settings icon on the top of the app, check the background service.
  • You can also set the interval for checking update of the app. For that, tap settings icon on the top of the app and tap update interval. Then select the time limit.


  • Quickly checks for new updates
  • Background service
  • Checks for apps from other market


  • No widget available
  • Don’t have link or update option

Download App Update Notifier for Android

Do share your thoughts in comment section in case if you face any problems or met any errors. In future, we will update more app reviews. So, stay updated. We hope you have something know about App Update Notifier after reading this article.

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