Most Engaging Android Gaming Apps for Sportspersons

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Gaming on smartphones or tablets is the rave of the moment. Although there are millions of gaming apps on the internet, developers keep introducing more games from time to time and still make sure that the existing ones are regularly updated. Let’s take a look at some gaming apps that many sportspersons find highly engaging.

Keep Craft

Playing this game basically involves helping your people to move from the stone age to the present era. It is crucial to manage the available resources very well in order to earn rewards that are in form of sophisticated new technology. Depending on personal choice, you may decide to focus on Economy, Science or Military aspect of the game at any point in time. Some of Keep Craft’s features include ASSIGN, which enables you to allot tasks, a BUILD option for developing your city from scratch and MANAGE for handling raw materials.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has been many gamers’ favorite even before it was available on mobile. The iOS version was released last December, while the Android version was introduced in March 2017. Tapping the screen enables Mario to start running and jumping over different obstacles. Collecting more coins automatically increases your chances of playing the game. Three modes are available namely, World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. World Tour is further separated into six worlds with eight courses. Toad Rally involves competing with other Super Mario Run players and the Kingdom Builder mode allows you to build your kingdom with the spoils from the first two modes.

Bejeweled Blitz

It is a new version of Bejeweled and comes with daily challenges, diamonds, leaderboards and lots more. In this unique puzzle game, players are required to clear away diamonds from the board within 60 seconds. Extra bonuses are instantly earned if a player is able to complete the task quickly or matches more than three diamonds at once. Bejeweled Blitz is a simple and intuitive game that can be integrated with a player’s Facebook account making it possible to compete with friends.

Mike Tyson Table Games

Who would have thought that the great Mike Tyson would have an exciting game – the Blackjack card game and Roulette, inspired by the boxing icon! According to reviews on, it has the best tips and strategy to defeat the dealer, you’ll indeed experience a heavyweight win with this thrilling game app. Most reputable bookies have these along with other games such as slots. These apps are simple and easy to use just like the desktop versions of their respective websites, get the Mike Tyson’s games at William Hill android apps page and start the action packed thrill any time or anywhere in the world. It has an iOS version as well.

Asphalt Street Storm

Without mincing words, lovers of car racing games will find this game interesting and engaging. It comes with high quality sound and graphics. The goal of the game is to be the first player to cross the finishing line. You must compete with other players and win a collection of the best cars as you race in big cities like Hong Kong or New York. In addition, players can alter the look of any car that they win to their taste. The Story mode enables you to engage in a competition with many AI opponents in the game.