How to Create SEO Friendly URL to Blogger

Seo Friendly Url Link to blogger

Blog post’s URL, optimizing with decided keywords will help to increase your blog post’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There is a no option to modify the URL of blogger posts. So, we manually take an action to create SEO friendly URL.

Seo Friendly Url Link to blogger

How to create SEO URL/Permalinks to Blogger:

In Blogger platform, we cant edit the URL / permalink of the post. The url structure of the blogger is like ‘’. So, if you want to create seo friendly permalinks/ URL you must create a post with the keywords and remove all other excessive words like ‘to,the,for,etc.’.

Create SEO Friendly title:

Here is an example how the URL of the post is structured. You writing a post ‘How to create Facebook Account’. Then your post URL looks like ‘’. This is not fair for SEO.

So, first write title with keywords. Like title as ‘Create Facebook Account’. Then the URL looks like, ‘’. It’s very fair for seo friendly URL / link / permalinks in Blogger.

Just click the Publish Button to publish the post.

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After Edit the SEO Friendly titled post:

Then you can edit the post after that publishing. Now you have successfully wrote SEO Friendly URL Post.

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