6 tips to make your travel photos insta worthy

make your travel photos instagram worthy

Have you ever wondered that why does some pictures on Instagram look way better than others?

How on planet Earth do these images get millions of likes and reposts? Well, there is no particular grounds of judging as to what makes one picture better than the other but when art meets technology, wonders can be created.

Instagram is often reported to lower down the images that one posts but one always has the arms of technology at rescue. It is undoubtedly a task to articulate as to what makes a picture better but not impossible. Usually, a picture is levelled up with the existence of patterns, colours, textures, lines, substances and more. It is also seemingly evident that a picture instantly goes to be better or good than average as soon as the natural element of happiness and lightning are added to it.

Taking snapshots may be a childs’play but getting pro at capturing perfect videos and photographs is not an easy task. It is extremely important to understand the importance of each relevant factor that is capable of bringing a transitional shift in the photograph. Using double exposure photography can help you capture beautiful moments. We also have a list of the 6 best tips that can surely level up your shoot game in just no time but with genuine consideration.  Lets get started

      1. Mind the body posture and mimic the pro – Body language and postures play a vital role in photography and in the social media dominating times like now, not being an expert at posing and maintaining the correct body posture is definitely not an option with anyone who wants their instagram feed to ace each time.

So, when clicking humans or being clicked, one should make sure that they do not fall prey to falling body silhouttes or slouchy postures. It’s important for a person to hold a pose and their body upright, with their hand and legs in control. It’s also important for the model (the person being shot) to know that he or she should hold their face slightly tilted with their chip a but upwards in order to avoid irrational shadows. This way the photograph may turn out to be proportionately well.

One must also pay attention to the position of their legs and its advisable to have one leg pointed front and outward to imitate a leaner and longer look in the picture. Infact crossing legs could also work well in case the model is a standing female or a sitting male.

      1. Make use of gimbals for exceptional shoots- There could be nothing better than having an affordable and imagery wonder at help when times call for perfect pictures. Gimbals, especially GoPro gimbals are the best accessory anyone can have to shoot action pictures and capture videos. Gimbals stabilise the photos and videos that one takes in every aspect. It helps a person capture breathtaking and difficult views with ultimate ease at scenically aesthetic and beautiful places on the go.

There are several gimbals out in the market that have different capabilities from a better and gripped handheld to counterweight supports, auto balancing and more. In all, a gimbal lessens the physical effort one would have to put in capturing an otherwise difficult view. Gimbal is the travel professional gear for even the novices who want their instagram pictures and videos to be applauded and liked by countless users for its quality and concept.

      1. Keep the inclusion of colours in the background for the pop at par- Each colour has a story to tell and reflects a mood of the concept being depicted. When traveling, one can make use of the colours of nature to lend some beauty to the captured image as well. Colours and brightness play a significant role in whether and how a picture can be bettered. One ought to add colours in a picture apart from when the contrary needs to be conveyed. Bright colours almost instantly uplifts the mood of a picture and makes them better looking.
      2. Know the level of vitals required- Instagram has the perfect editing tools available for an average picture that somewhat manages to add beautifying vitals in terms of appropriate contrasts, highlights, brightness, shadows etc along with various filters to choose from.

The best combination to improve a picture in the above said term is to balance and look out for the missing edge in the picture, where a picture taken in the broad day light could use the fading or shadowing a bit to get rid of the obscure face structures, night time images or videos may make good use of highlights or so to bring out the object matter evidently.

      1. Angles are extremely important – As discussed earlier, angles are very important to make sure the video and photograph being taken are great. It is not just physical angles of living beings that is important but also object and the camera (when the object is immovable).

It should even attentively be a major concern when traveling since nature has to offer sights that are unmissable. They are of inevitable importance to bring the visual oomph in the images and videos. In order to double check whether the angle is good or not, make sure you cannot spot extreme and dark immediate shadows, unnaturally wider back portions, and more or less the objective orientations are not extreme but moderate.

      1. Embrace the natural light-all the time – The best form of lighting that helps one capture a naturally wonderful image or video is the natural light. There is nothing more potent and balanced than natural light to grace the records in photography or videography. You can use natural light in ways that are unimaginable to create partially lit or beautiful bright images. Many wondrous photographs that are admired are played on with the help of natural light. As a beginner one just needs to keep in mind the angle while shooting in natural light.

With ways such as above, the perfect click on your Instagram feed is literally a few considerations and a click away.